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ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET had a contract with Nuclear Blast between 2006 and 2008. During this time, they released the following albums:

• 21st Century Killing Machine (2006, info | shop)
• Christmas For The Lobotomizer (2007, Single, info)
• Error In Evolution (2007, info | shop)
• Grime Tales (2008, shop)

It all started in 2004. Johan began writing songs for a demo that were supposed to be his solo act. Mikael Lagerblad and Valle Adzic (Impious/Deadline studios) helped him out with both studio and solos. Johan himself played all the rhythm parts on the demo called “When hatred comes to life” and Valle all the bass.

Then after all was said and done the demo was finished, and way over Johans expectations. This was too good to be held as a stupid solo project. Thoughts of a new band came to surface and Mikael and Valle joined the band. Not late after both Marek Dobrowolski and Pekka Kiviaho joined the band just in time to sign the contract which Johan just had received from Nuclear Blast.

In late 2005 the debut album “21st century killing machine” was recorded and released in january 2006 at the same time the band went out and did 40 shows with Children of Bodom in Europe.
But now without bassist Valle Adzic who had decided not to stay with the band due to way too may obligations such as studio and other band.
A new guy called Robert Axelsson is asked to join the band. He says yes and the band immediately feels stronger since everyone now can commit 110%.

1,5 sweaty months on the road and no rest until “The neckbreakers ball tour”. This second tour included bands like Hypocrisy, Soilwork, Amorphis and Scar Symmetry and went on for 3 weeks. The band supported their debut album throughout the whole year with festivals and finally their very own “X-Mas Mayhem” headlining tour during 2006/2007, also with a Christmas single called “Christmas for the lobotomizer” in their pockets.

Their second album “Error in evolution” was recorded just before the Christmas tour and released in March 2007.An album with more experiments compared to “K-Machine”. Although some different elements it still got a very high status in the death metal community.
A European tour with Gorefest was done in october as well as a couple of festival appearances. Straight after the tour is complete the band feels that Pekka is drifting away from things and a discussion is held and they later on realises that they all of a sudden is one man short again. The man leaves because lack of motivation and a non interest for touring. The band has almost a whole new album written and done when Pekka leaves. Luckily he hasn´t written a tune for the coming album so no harm done there.

An add on the homepage saying “Guitarist wanted” makes 50 people applying for the job. Both Swedes and foreigners. A couple of weeks later the band gets in contact with Mareks buddy Mattias Bolander who also plays in Mareks other band “Reclusion”. The man is tested and prooved to be one hell of a guy. Mattias becomes an Army member on the stage in Norrköping on the 1st of March 2008. The band is now stronger than ever and ready to record the next album….
…To be continued