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SUICIDAL TENDENCIES had a contract with Nuclear Blast in 2009. During this time, they released the following album:

• Freedump (info)

Which band can claim, after a career spanning 18 years, to still sound as fresh and energetic as Suicidal Tendencies from Venice Beach, California?
They were and still are one of the most influential bands in their genre and achieved worldwide success and have rocked just about every stage on the planet

.Singer, Mike Muir and his comrades were never conventional. Suicidal Tendencies never followed trends, they created them! Their no compromise, come what may attitude led to them being one of the few bands which could never be categorised.
There were too many guitar soli for the punks and the metalheads found their furious style, at times, just too fast. However, audiences worldwide were able to agree that the band are plain and simply Suicidal Tendencies and their style, beyond genre limitations, soon became their trademark.

After the split with the major label Epic in 1997 and the ensuing demise of the band, Mike Muir needed a pause for thought.

Instead of laying the legend to rest, Cyco Miko and guitarist, Mike Clark refused to give up and formed the ‘new’ Suicidal Tendencies with the help of Dean Pleasants(guitar), Brooks Wackermann (Drums) and Josh Paul (Bass).

Mike then founded his own label, Suicidal Records, gave the major firms the middle-finger salute and the following mini-album,”Six The Hard Way”, proved to be a step back towards the old days. This step back towards their punk roots was, however, not expected in this form but the following album,”Freedumb”, showed just how serious the band were about their chosen path.

With “Free Your Soul”, Suicidal Tendencies attain new heights! Metalheads and Punks will again come together under the banner of the Californian outfit and the 15 tracks surely prove that the five-piece are still alive and kicking. Lyrically beyond good and evil, punk influences, funky crossover parts and melodic metal grooves mean that ST once again leave all copycats and many of the newcomers by the wayside. The Californian original underlines this with a furious album which will have a very high and influential status in the scene and doesn’t just let the earth around Venice Beach tremble. This album is close to a cleansing of the soul and holds the listener tightly in it’s grasp.
The motto is now more than ever before: SUICIDAL FOR LIFE!

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