Hailing from the beachfront town of Livorno, Italy, Metalcore outfit TASTERS (formerly known as Taster’s Choice) blasted out of their serene surroundings touting a blend of metal riffing, punishing breakdowns, melodic mixed to growl and scream vocals and electronics.

The band was formed in 1999 and released two full-length albums, “Shining” in 2005 (Shark Records/ Gencross Records) and “The Rebirth” in 2009 (Bagana Records) from which released the video of the single “Make Your Game”,directed by Salvatore”Xavy” Perrone, on air on the best Italian and European rock tvs.

During this period,Tasters built a respected name for themselves in the Italian Metalcore scene, opening for Cancer Bats, 30 Seconds To Mars, Sonic Syndicate, Evergreen Terrace, Terror, Aiden and other American bands who were touring abroad. When the time came to do something traveling of their own,from December 2009 Tasters started touring outside Italy, hitting United Kingdom with the Scottish metalheads Bleed From Within in December 2009 and as headliners in February/march 2010 and touring Russia for 30 incredible gigs, becoming the foreign band playing more shows in the ex USSR territories and growing a huge fanbase in those areas.

In september 2011 the debut "Reckless 'Till The End" (Info | Shop) was released at Nuclear Blast. By this and the upcoming tours, Tasters are unstoppable!

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