At the dawn of the 90´s, Shibuya district, Tokyo, Japan.

The coins dropping and clinging into the arcade game machines, the lights of the pachinkos and the lively Tokyo district serve as the background to the lives of a dirty bunch of furyos, dunces to the core, who thrive on Shonen Manga.

They do not know that they are about to witness the golden age that will see the birth and global expansion of American Hip-Hop, of New-York Hardcore, of Machine Head's and Pantera's powerful groove metal, and of the catchy but uncompromsing vibes of RATM, Korn or The Deftones.

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ROTNS is the merger of those two worlds: the messages of hope, bravery, and revenge spread by classic 80's Manga characters such as Kenshiro, Seiya, or Kawato, are brought to the listener's face through deadly thrash riffing and and a destructive flow of words.

The Furyo's handle their biz on stage as they do every other day, wearing gakurans, the traditional Japanese school uniform.

After self producing 4 music videos (counting several millions of clicks on Youtube), 2 critically acclaimed EPs sold for 5.000 physical copies (incl. a number 3 in the Amazon charts for their latest effort "DMSS"), ROTNS moves on to produce its debut record and starts its own label, Repression Records, to support the project.

It is after the initiation of a full DIY campaign to release the album, and after a succesful summer festivals tour, that Nuclear Blast, the biggest metal label in 2014, notices the band and offers them a global license deal.

The reign of ROTNS starts here.

"ROTNS really know how to bring that old thrash sound current! Their NYHC influenced style mixed in with their original mojo is something that appeals to many extreme music enthusiast world wide! Killer band!"

"What a sick mixture of some of the greatest influences from the 90's, I love what they are doing!"
Billy Graziadei | BIOHAZARD

"Hardcore will never die as long as bands like ROTNS are carrying the torch. A crushing album!"
Mille Petrozza | KREATOR

„This is some HEAVY stuff with a youthful, hip hop kind a flare/flavor, what can I say… they definitely demonstrate their saiya style!“
Freddy Cricien | MADBALL