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From the early 80’s on they’ve been the leading figures of Germany’s thrash metal scene, shaping an entire genre that soon should spread all over Europe and inspiring countless young combos that eagerly followed their lead: THE BIG TEUTONIC 4! KREATOR, TANKARD, DESTRUCTION and SODOM – by now household names in metal – have relentlessly worked their way up from the underground to international fame, without ever losing their passion, truthfulness or integrity. That’s why their popularity has remained unabated and their songs remain pure, even after three decades in business.

Now, the gigantic quartet has teamed up to present us their versions of some of the greatest heavy metal tunes of all time. In the form of a 10” mini LP – of course sold out completely by now – THE BIG TEUTONIC 4 pay homage to IRON MAIDEN and MOTÖRHEAD by performing the following legendary metal anthems:

Side A:
Kreator - The Number Of The Beast (IRON MAIDEN)
Sodom - Ace Of Spades (MOTÖRHEAD)
Side B:
Destruction - The Hammer (MOTÖRHEAD)
Tankard - The Prisoner (IRON MAIDEN)

And there’s even more to come: At this year’s Beastival festival that’ll take place in Geiselwind, Germany from May 30 to June 1, THE BIG TEUTONIC 4 will share one stage on the same night for the first time ever - be there by all means to witness history being written right in front of your eyes!