DISSECTION - The somberlain (Remastered) BLACK VINYL - 2LP schwarz

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The somberlain (Remastered) BLACK VINYL
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Black Metal

Gatefold Sleeve with Pop-Up on Vinyl

Remastered reissue of "The Somberlain", the all-time classic debut album from the Swedish melodic Black/Death Metal band Dissection, originally recorded at Unisound Studios and released in 1993. With this remastered edition, the release goes full circle as Dan Swanö himself, the original recording engineer, lies behind the big effort of making this milestone sound better than ever.


Side A

1. Black Horizons

2. The Somberlain


Side B

3. Crimson Towers

4. A Land Forlorn

5. Heaven's Damnation


Side C

6. Frozen

7. Into Infinite Obscurity

8. In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere


Side D

9. The Grief Prophecy / Shadows Over A Lost Kingdom

10. Mistress of the Bleeding Sorrow

11. Feathers Fell

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Release Date 28.10.2022