DEVILDRIVER - Clouds Over California: The Studio Albums 2003 - 2011 COLOURED VINYL - 9LP-Box farbig

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Clouds Over California: The Studio Albums 2003 - 2011 COLOURED VINYL
Satz 1
Nothing's wrong?
I could care less
Die (and die now)
I dreamed I died
Cry for me sky (Eulogy of the scorned)
The mountain
Knee deep
What does it take (to be a man)
Swinging the dead
Revelation machine
Meet the wretched
Devil's son
Satz 2
End of the line
Driving down the darkness
Hold back the day
Sin & sacrifice
Ripped apart
Satz 3
Pale horse apocalypse
Just run
Impending disaster
Bear witness unto
Before the hangman's noose
The fury of our maker's hand
Satz 4
Not all who wander are lost
Clouds over California
Bound by the moon
Horn of betrayal
These fighting words
Head on to heartache (Let them rot)
Satz 5
Burning sermon
Monsters of the deep
Tirades of truth
When summoned
The axe shall fall
Satz 6
Pray for villains
Pure sincerity
Fate stepped in
Back with a vengeance
I've been sober
Resurrection Blvd.
Satz 7
Forgiveness is a six gun
Waiting for November
It's in the cards
Another night in London
Bitter pill
Teach me to whisper
I see belief
Satz 8
Dead to rights
Bring the fight (to the floor)
Talons out (Teeth sharpened)
You make me sick
Satz 9
The blame game
Black soul choir
Crowns of creation
Lend myself to the night
Death Metal

LP 1: DevilDriver (White/Orange/Brown Splatter LP)
LP 2+3: The Fury In Our Maker's Hand (Blue/Orange Splatter 2LP)
LP 4+5: The Last Kind Words (Yellow/Beige/Green Splatter 2LP)
LP 6+7: Pray For Villains (White/Red/Black Splatter 2LP)
LP 8+9: Beast (Purple and Green Swirl 2LP)

20 page book with liner notes by Dez Fafara.