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Das Heavy Metal Highlight exklusiv beim NUCLEAR BLAST Mailorder! Die auf 1.000 Stück limitierte, und nummerierte Holz-Box von "The great war" enthält das SABATON Earbook inklusive regulärer CD, History Edition (gesprochene Passagen zu den historischen Begebeneheiten leiten den jeweiligen Titel ein), die Bonus-CD "The soundtrack to the great war". Dazu "The great war", die History Edition und "The soundtrack..." auf drei verschieden-farbigen 180g LPs, eins von elf (zufällig ausgewählten) "Great war propaganda" Postern, fünf Postkarten und ein Gedicht auf Papier.

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As we speak, SABATON is reaching twentieth anniversary as a band. What would be the most appropriate way to celebrate this tremendous milestone – and set our targets on the future at the same time? Naturally, there is only one option: to unleash the ninth missile into the heart of heavy metal world. In other words, SABATON's new album – another concept record from the vaults of fascinating military history – is completed and we couldn't be more satisfied with it, says SABATON bassist and lyricist Pär Sundström – and continues: „The title of our new magnum opus is "The Great War", and within its rich musical and lyrical journey, we dive into the gloomy and bloody atmosphere of World War I. This frantic war shook the whole planet during 1914-1918 and caused devastating consequences that still echo to this day. World War I was also supposed to be the war to end all the wars. Well, today, we unfortunately know little bit better...“ If you are any familiar with the epic sounds of SABATON, you know that these gents are no strangers to cheerfully diverse and catchier-than-glue style of heavy metal. Well, no need to be worried: epic-sounding "The Great War" takes everything to another level. „The contrast between the brutality of merciless war and heroic sacrifices made by humans of many kind is reflected on seminal tracks – both on compositions and lyrics“, states Sundström.

01. The Future Of Warfare
02. Seven
Pillars Of Wisdom
03. 82nd All The Way
04. The Attack Of The Dead Men
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