Sumerian cry

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TIAMAT - Sumerian cry
  • Picture LP - 21,99 EUR
  • Artikelnummer:275276
  • Format:PIC-LP
  • Genre:Black Metal
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Die Neuauflage des TIAMAT Debüts als Picture-LP!

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Re-issue of this metal classic as a picture-LP in sleeve with insert! The first, but the most vicious album by TIAMAT! This release came before death, and even black metal, would get not only solidified genre names, but before a lot of the characteristics would become separated, such as screams to growls, thinner production to thicker. "Sumerian Cry" is TIAMAT’s first, but their most vicious release. What makes the music effective, is that it’s at a somewhat innocent stage in extreme metal. For fans of ENTOMBED, BATHORY, SARCOFAGO or VENOM.

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