WHITE DOG White dog

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WHITE DOG - White dog
  • LP - 18,99 EUR
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  • Format:LP
  • Genre:Doom/Stoner/70s
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Die hochwertige »White dog« LP
• Limitiert auf 500 Exemplare!
• auf 180g Vinyl
• Vinyl in schwarz
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Every once in a while, certainly not every day, a band comes along with that timeless vibe and natural chemistry: WHITE DOG are one of those bands! Hailing from Austin, Texas, they play classic sounding bluesy, doom-laden psychedelic-rock with seemingly effortless ease. Devoid of digital interference, their debut album was recorded direct to tape and shines in analogue glory, which is exactly their blend of timeless rock n roll was meant to. As a result, the album feels almost like a real-time fever dream, with the ultimate psychedelic house band wailing away as reality disintegrates elsewhere. With a sound that owes a noble debt to the greats of proto-metal, heavy progressive rock and turbocharged psychedelia, WHITE DOG explore all kinds of exhilarating territory on their debut. From the flailing, psych-rock kaleidoscope of opener "Sawtooth" to the edgy, WITCHCRAFT-like strut of "Lanterns", and on to the lysergic garage rock of "Crystal Panther" and wickedly epic closer "Verus Cultus", the Texans' first full-length is a triumph for unpretentious authenticity and the art of old school song-writing.

Side A:
1. Sawtooth
2. Black Powder
3. Lanterns
4. Snapdragon
5. One Trick Pony
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