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W.A.S.P. - Babylon BLACK VINYL
  • LP - 18,99 EUR
  • Artikelnummer:242369
  • Format:LP
  • Genre:Hardrock
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Babylon (2009), the predecessor to Golgotha, is inspired by biblical visions of The Four Horsemen. The concept album - that is filled to the brim with bloodthirsty Christian imagery – proudly displays all strengths and trademarks that U.S. metal legends W.A.S.P. have accumulated over decades. Doug Blair`s classic riffing is hauntingly effective, whereas front icon Blackie Lawless still possesses one of the most unique and emotional set of vocal chords of the metal / hard rock scene! Showcasing Blackie`s love for old school rock are cover versions of Chuck Berry`s ‘Promised land‘ and Deep Purple`s ‘Burn‘.

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Crazy 5:10
2 - Live To Die Another Day 4:41
3 - Babylon's Burning 5:01
4 - Burn 4:51
5 - Into The Fire 5:54
6 - Thunder Red 4:20
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