Final bloodbath session RED ORANGE MARBLED

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MORTICIAN - Final bloodbath session RED ORANGE MARBLED
  • LP - 21,99 EUR
  • Artikelnummer:273565
  • Format:LP
  • Genre:Death Metal, Grindcore
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Erstmals auf Vinyl: MORTICIAN's "Final bloodbath session"! 27 Tracks plus S.O.D. Coverversion als Bonustrack in 44 Minuten!

Mehr Info:

HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present MORTICIAN's "Final Bloodbath Session" on vinyl for the first time ever!
Comprising a staggering 28 tracks in 44 gore-soaked minutes, "Final Bloodbath Session" captures these legendary death metallers on recording with a real studio drummer and is the only Mortician recording to not feature any samples. As expected of such a long-running band with a deep discography, this re-recorded collection encompasses countless '90s classics as well as then-new cuts from "Domain of Death" (2001) and "Darkest Day of Horror" (2002), all captured in their rawest 'n' bloodiest state. Originally released in 2002 on CD by Roger Beaujards' own label Primitive Recordings, "Final Bloodbath Session" is long overdue for the vinyl treatment. Above all, it's MORTICIAN: enough said!

Side A:
1. Blown to Pieces 00:57
2. Embalmed Alive 00:55
3. Zombie Apocalypse 02:18
4. Drilling for Brains 00:46
5. Bone Crusher 01:06
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