MOONSPELL I'll see you in my dreams ORANGE VINYL

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MOONSPELL - I'll see you in my dreams ORANGE VINYL
  • 7"EP - 12,99 EUR
  • Artikelnummer:274058
  • Format:7"EP
  • Genre:Gothic
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Limitiert und nummeriert auf 300 orange Singles im Gatefold. Wir bekommen nur wenige Exemplare auf Lager...

Mehr Info:

"I'll see you in my dreams" it’s our zombie tribute song!" declares Moonspell mastermind Fernando Ribeiro, about this
song. It’s slow and fast, repulsively melodic and totally Death Metal inspired, as we think if zombies formed a band they’d have to
play death. We’re huge fans of the style, namely Romero, and this song that now sees the light of the day via our own ALMA
MATER RECORDS, was a challenge and it encloses two curiosities: - the original is a Jazz standard; our version was made to
answer the challenge from FILIPE MELO (director, play writer, pianist, author) who had the balls back in 2003 to produce and
release a zombie movie made in Portugal. Happy Halloween, I will see you in my dreams, now!

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