My destiny

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LEAVES' EYES - My destiny
  • Mini-CD - 3,33 EUR
  • Artikelnummer:161684
  • Format:Mini-CD
  • Genre:Gothic, Symphonic Metal
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It has finally arrived: LEAVES' EYES delivers brand-new material to their anxiously awaiting fans with their latest EP "My Destiny". The sweeping title track begins with an emotive and mystic interlude that soon turns into sonorous ear candy-a true delicacy for all fans of symphonic rock music. The opulently produced orchestral and choir-filled compositions resonate with a fresh, powerful, and energy laden force. As always the case with LEAVES' EYES, expect the ensuing tempest with its impressive musical variety and dynamics to emphasize the band's world-class status, including "The Battle of Maldon" and "Northbound", two smashing tracks to be found on the EP. With the acoustic version of "Scarborough Fair", familiar to some fans from past unplugged shows, and the atmospheric "Nine Wave Maidens" the tone takes a more subdued turn. Liv Kristine once again bewitches the listener with her one-of-a-kind vocals and the package is completed with a remix of the title track. Up-close-and-personal, as well as value-for-your-money" are always at the top of LEAVES' EYES' list, and thus the successful prelude to yet another journey with LEAVES' EYES to a land of myth makes landfall.

Tracklist Dauer
1 - My destiny 4:13
2 - The battle of Maldon 4:23
3 - Scarborough fair (Acoustic Version) 3:24
4 - Northbound 4:22
5 - Nine wave maidens 3:24
6 - My destiny (Remix) 4:12
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