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WITHIN TEMPTATION Mother earth + Bonus

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WITHIN TEMPTATION - Mother earth + Bonus
  • CD - 9,99 EUR
  • Artikelnummer:121396
  • Format:CD
  • Genre:Gothic, Symphonic Metal
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Die deutsche Pressung enthält 4 Bonus-Tracks.

Fan Review

For an album to sell 100,000 copies in tiny Holland it has to be something. Initially, this blockbuster CD was only released in selected parts of Europe. When customers throughout Europe started clamoring for it they rectified the problem. Mother Earth is also starting to make waves in the good old USofA as well.

What is Mother Earth? Possibly the best Gothic-metal CD ever made! Previous releases by this group included beauty and the beast style growls, which is common for this sub-genre of music in Europe. Fortunately that was waived for this wonderful album, which, I think, helped the band get to another level.

The founder of Within Temptation - Robert Westerholt - sure hit gold when he found the fabulous vocalist, Sharon den Adel (HIS FORMER GIRLFRIEND). She has the most impressive voice this side of Celene Dion. Her singing isexquisite, powerfully delivered and emotional. And the music, which is also fabulous and oh so pretty, is in the symphonic/gothic vein with varied but mostly medium tempo and large production orchestral segments featuring strings, horns, guitars, organs and choir style vocals. All songs are above average with my favorites being The Promise, Deceiver of Fools, Ice Queen and the title track Mother Earth.

Within Temptation''s distinct sound doesn''t compare well with any other bands I can think of but there are similarities to Lacuna Coil (more progressive), After Forever (great vocalist but male growling - also from Holland), and Edenbridge. Do yourself a favor and see what one of the biggest selling albums in Europe sounds like. I think you''ll like it.


Duane Daum

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Mother Earth 5:29
2 - Ice Queen 5:20
3 - Our Farewell 5:18
4 - Caged 5:46
5 - The Promise 8:00
6 - Never Ending Story - Extended Version 4:02
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