TSJUDER Demonic possession RE-RELEASE

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TSJUDER - Demonic possession RE-RELEASE
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Since its inception in 1993, TSJUDER has always been delivering Norwegian Black Metal in the classic raw and rattling style, yet without ever giving in to the temptation of wallowing in nostalgia. As can be heard on the present reissues of their long sold-out and much sought after first two albums ?Kill For Satan? (2000) and ?Demonic Possession? (2002), not a single note in their music has to be dyed black. That?s simply because the roots that are clearly showing are all glistening with the abyssal musical non-colour pioneered by BATHORY, CELTIC FROST, and VENOM as well as those Northern masters MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, and EMPEROR. The venomous and vicious throat rendering by bassist Nag and guitarist Draugluin entwines with thorny, relentlessly driving riffs and an infernal rhythmical ice storm unleashed by drummers Anti-Christian (?Kill For Satan?) and Jontho (?Demonic Possession?). Available again on special price CDs, limited collector?s LPs and black LPs, these two milestones of True Norwegian Black Metal are described by the band as "raw and uncompromising black metal". No post, no progressive, no whatever!

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Eriphion epistates 4:03
2 - Demoner av Satans rike 5:01
3 - Ancient hate 6:51
4 - Bloodshedding horror 3:23
5 - Deathwish 4:57
6 - A twisted mind 4:28
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