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  • CD - 4,99 EUR
  • Artikelnummer:172621
  • Format:CD
  • Genre:Gothic, Symphonic Metal
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Pflichtprogramm für jeden anspruchsvollen Gothic Metal-Fan!

Aus der Presse:

With "Rubicon", a mature and confident band proves that it is indeed possible to sustain a highly creative standard for over 12 years and continually deliver sweeping music laden with emotion. Far removed from the mediocracy of the genre, these Norwegian gothic metal pioneers remain true to their art form, while embracing both progress and variety. In this way, the band strikes the perfect balance between heavy riffs and catchy melodies and keyboard lines. The experience is centered around Mariangela Demurtas, whose unique voice majestically conquers both moving ballads ("Exile") and engrossing metal tracks ("Patriot Games"). Not unlike previous TRISTANIA releases, special attention should be paid to the well thought out and sophisticated vocal harmonies between the male and female counterparts, which leave any would-be contender in the dust. Such attention to detail creates an album that is much more than a mere collection of songs, but rather a holistic work of art complete with an intense and tangible atmosphere.

The band also counts with a very special guest musician. The highly gifted violinist Pete Johansen embellishes a TRISTANIA release for the first time since "World of Glass". Likewise, Waldemar Sorychta's (THERION, MOONSPELL, THE GATHERING) contributions as consultant and co-producer will allow him to add yet another gothic classic jewel to his credits. "Rubicon" is aremarkable and breathtaking emotional journey, which will not only spellbind the gothic metal fan.

Anders Høyvik Hidle- Guitars/Composition/Vocals
Østen Bergøy- Male Vocals (clean)
Mariangela Demurtas - Female Vocals
Ole Vistnes- Bass / Composition
Kenneth Olsson- Drums
Einar Moen- Synth/Programming/Composition
Gyri Losnegaard - Guitar

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Year of the rat 4:35
2 - Protection 4:15
3 - Patriot games 3:27
4 - The passing 4:48
5 - Exile 4:26
6 - Sirens 4:27
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