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Sweden has been a fertile ground for metal of all varieties for multiple decades, and there appears to be no sign that this will change anytime soon. The variety and quality of bands is staggering, and Metal Blade Records is prepared to help add THE GREAT DISCORD to the list of one of Sweden’s finest new groups. The band’s cornerstone is with the enigmatic vocals of Fia Kempe. Her tone and delivery is immensely emotive and is augmented by a band whose sound is impossible to describe. It’s technical, heavy, and yet not so much to overwhelm those not anointed in metal. What’s important is that THE GREAT DISCORD offers a truly unique twist on both metal, and what is to be expected from a female-fronted band. The relationship between Fia Kempe and drummer Aksel Holmgren has stood for many years, connecting on a deep personal level when it comes to music, though it was only when they came together to form THE GREAT DISCORD in 2013 that their collaboration began. Sharing an interest in progressive music, they count the likes of Genesis and King Crimson as well as contemporary acts such as Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan among those who have inspired them.

Mehr Info:

How do you describe an enigma? In the case of THE GREAT DISCORD certain words come to the fore: Cinematic. Grandiose. Haunting. Soaring. Devastating. Unique. But still, it is perhaps impossible to paint a vivid picture of the Swedish unit, whose layered, textured music gets under the skin and is as likely to conjure exhilaration or a sense of poignancy in the listener as it is a profound and deep seated unease. "We wanted to make an album that gets to you. Having Duende means having soul, the aspects of music that makes you shiver. The darker elements in the music that makes it convincing and enthralling." states vocalist Fia Kempe." We did not want to make an album you could have on in the background. It's supposed to jump out and grab you, hold you down and make you consume a new piece of it every time. Lyrically it deals with the mundane as well as the extremes of what you as a person potentially live with."

Fia Kempe: Vocals
Aksel Holmgren: Drums
André Axell: Guitars
Gustav Almberg: Guitars
Rasmus Carlson: Bass

Aus der Presse:

Immens variabel
Hat man so etwas schon gehört? Diese Frage dürften sich nicht wenige stellen, die zum ersten Mal mit der schwedischen Formation THE GREAT DISCORD in Berührung kommen. Die haben gerade ihr großartiges Debütalbum »Duende« veröffentlicht, auf dem sie wirklich alles tun, um sich nicht voreilig in eine Genre-Schublade packen lassen zu müssen. Stellenweise fährt die Band das dicke Djent-Brett auf, versteht sich aber genau so auf eingängige Alternative-Momente, atmosphärische Soundflächen oder verspielten Modern Metal. Auch Frontfrau Fia Kempe hat mit ihrem enorm variablem Gesang einen nicht unerheblichen Anteil daran, dass sich THE GREAT DISCORD einer wirklichen Kategorisierung konsequent entziehen. Trotzdem funktionieren die Songs, die irgendwo zwischen MADDER MORTEM, FLYLEAF, TRISTANIA (das wunderschöne ‚Woes‘) und THE GATHERING (das sensationelle, hitverdächtige ‚Illuminate‘) anzusiedeln sind, einfach unfassbar gut. »Duende« es muy bien!
Samia Scheib

Tracklist Dauer
1 - The aging man 5:14
2 - Deus ex homine 5:29
3 - Eigengrau 4:11
4 - L'homme mauvais 4:25
5 - Self æta 4:16
6 - A discordant call 4:13
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