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In ihrem Heimatland Finnland konnten die verrückten Grinder schon mit zwei Veröffentlichungen die Charts von hinten aufrollen?.

Mehr Info:

ROTTEN SOUND are celebrating their 20th anniversary of Grindcore and chaos during the whole year of 2013. This crushing party begins with the release of the ?Species at War? EP in January. Afterwards the wrecking will continue with many tours and festival performances all around the globe. 2013 promises to become the most intense year in the two decades of ROTTEN SOUND?s existence: ?Our plans are huge and we are aware that some events may not happen, but we are working very hard to bring our music to the ears of as many people as possible?, states frontman Keijo Niinimaa, after returning from the honourable position of lead guest singer at the ?NASUM Farewell Tour? in 2012. ?We will visit some new places, while continuing to bomb those we have been playing in since the very beginning of the band. We are also determined to arrange one hell of a party before the end of 2013 to celebrate our 20 years of existence.?

ROTTEN SOUND were formed on one insane night of July 1993, during the aftermath of a VOMITURITION studio session. The band recorded a bunch of EP?s and splits before they released their first two full-lengths, ?Under Pressure? (1997) and ?Drain? (1998). After the ?Still Psycho? MCD (2000), which was also their first proper release in North America, the Finns started to tour more actively. This took the band to a higher level and when ?Murderworks? was released in 2005, media and public recognized and praised the massive new force in Scandinavian Grind. Following this success, ROTTEN SOUND?s sound evolved on ?Exit? (2005), the ?Consume to Contaminate? MCD (2006) and the ?Cycles? album (2008), which added more heavy parts and some of the forgotten Crust elements from their early years. Their latest full-length ?Cursed? shook the world on impact in 2011.

Playing live has always been a high priority for ROTTEN SOUND and their journeys led them to share stages with CARCASS, EXHUMED, VICTIMS, DISFEAR, PHOBIA, MISERY INDEX, NASUM, PIG DESTROYER, NAPALM DEATH, DOOM and many other leading bands of the extreme music scene, which they shaped in union with the Finns. Now 2013 will be more than just another year for shaking the foundations of live venues and assaulting people with deadly Grindcore. ROTTEN SOUND are also planning to re-enter the studio in order to record their next album straight after the extensive touring is done. Yet first it?s time to get on the road and to have the final anniversary party heralded by ?Species at War?. ?Keep your eyes peeled, follow the news and join the Grindcore party in a city near to you!?, finishes Niinimaa. War is here!
(Quelle/Origin: ROTTEN SOUND website)

Aus der Presse:

33:58 min

ROTTEN SOUND sind ein Phänomen: In ihrem Heimatland Finnland konnten die verrückten Grinder schon mit zwei Veröffentlichungen die Charts von hinten aufrollen. Hierzulande undenkbar, in Finnland allerdings nicht ganz so außergewöhnlich. Schließlich landeten im Land der Tausend Seen sogar REVEREND BIZZARE mit einem 14-minütigen Song auf Platz 1 der Singlecharts. Trotzdem faszinierend, wenn man sich »Cycles« so anhört und sich bewusst macht, dass dieses Massaker ein potentieller Chartbreaker ist. Auf »Cycles« haben die Finnen immer noch nichts verlernt: High Speed-Grindgerödel mit typischen, schwedisch-sägenden Gitarren und der Extraportion Moshfaktor. Die langsameren Parts erinnern an DISMEMBER oder ENTOMBED in besten Tagen, die kompromisslosen High Speed-Explosionen an NASUM.
Auch wenn mir persönlich der amerikanische Touch des Klassikers »Murderworks« (2002) einen Tick besser gefallen hat, machen ROTTEN SOUND auch als europäische Grind-Inkarnation alles richtig. Vor allem jetzt, da es die Lücke zu schließen gilt, die NASUM unfreiwillig hinterlassen haben. Grindfreaks wissen, was zu tun ist.
Michael Siegl

Tracklist Dauer
1 - The Effects 1:55
2 - Praise The Lord 1:22
3 - Blind 2:18
4 - Units 1:08
5 - Corponation 1:18
6 - Colonies 1:30
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