RIVAL SONS Head down

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RIVAL SONS - Head down
  • CD-Digi - 15,99 EUR
  • Artikelnummer:200810
  • Format:CD-Digi
  • Genre:Doom/Stoner/70s
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Heavy Bluesrock der Extraklasse im limitierten Digisleeve.

Mehr Info:

Commented RIVAL SONS frontman Jay Buchanan: "We took a lyric from one of the songs that exemplified the process of making the record. 'Head down' comes from the term 'Keep your head down and keep on swinging.' I thought it was fitting and it works perfectly with the album cover."

Added guitarist Scott Holiday: "I began searching for the right artist for our cover on the interwebs, just mulling around, and very quickly came across Jason Holley. I saw a couple of covers that he had done for Josh Ritter and Ray LaMontagne, which I loved. I was immediately taken aback by his aesthetic and style and felt he had a few pieces already done that I would be into using. I sent some of his images over to Jay and he had the same immediate feeling I did… Which is pretty rare. He could have been from anywhere in the world, but he just so happened to live about 30 minutes away from me, so I gave him a ring and we started talking. We sent him the record and discussed ideas that we felt reflected the music and process. He then created an original piece, painted in oil. The end result is pretty symbolic and interesting — something that, in my opinion, reflects the record beautifully."

Holiday previously stated about the musical direction of RIVAL SONS' new album, "Songs were once again written and recorded on the spot, allowing the listener to really peer in and catch a snapshot of the moment, and our immediate instincts. Most songs were captured in a few takes, not to mention plenty of first-takers. Pretty off the cuff and unadulterated. We have never had a wish to be predictable or sedentary with our music, and this record explores and supports that ethos pretty well. In other words, this record is not 'Pressure & Time', but delves into a bunch of other musical ideas and sounds. Much more of a 'long-form' record as a whole. Fist-pumpers, ass-shakers, foot-stompers, air guitaring/bassing/drummers, tear-jerkers, heart-string-pullers, and a few straight-up freakouts."

Aus der Presse:

Neben GRAVEYARD zählen die US-Amerikaner RIVAL SONS zu den wichtigsten Vorreitern der aktuellen Retro-Rock-Welle. Wer es geschafft hat, sich ihnen bislang entziehen zu können, der wird ihnen spätestens mit der Veröffentlichung von »Head Down« endgültig mit Haut und Haaren verfallen. RIVAL SONS haben die Glanzzeit des Hard- und Blues-Rock intensiv studiert und schaffen es mit einer unglaublichen Authentizität, den Spirit der 70er Jahre einzufangen. Doch die Stärke der Kalifornier liegt nicht allein in der Atmosphäre, die sie zu kreieren im Stande sind, es sind vor allen Dingen die großartigen Songs, die die Faszination für diese Band ausmachen. Songs, die die Mädchen zum Tanzen bringen und die Jungs hektisch an der Luftgitarre zupfen lassen.
Timo Beisel

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Keep On Swinging 3:59
2 - Wild Animal 3:27
3 - You Want To 4:16
4 - Until the Sun Comes 2:59
5 - Run from Revelation 4:14
6 - Jordan 6:18
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