MORS PRINCIPIUM EST Dawn of the 5th era

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MORS PRINCIPIUM EST - Dawn of the 5th era
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Fifth album of the Finnish melodic death band. The band returns extremely impressively: brachial and tremendous riffs meet beautiful melodies, combined with modern sound - that?s the way melodic death metal has to be in 2014!

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?Dawn of the 5th Era? is the fifth album by the band around vocalist Ville Viljanen and is probably one of the most anticipated albums of the scene. Nearly no other band has managed to capture the sound of the ?Gothenburg metal scene? like MPE do ? this is how melodic death metal has to sound in 2014!
?Dawn of the 5th Era? puts forward impressive musicianship: Rapid drums, fast paced guitarwork but also decent keyboards and beautiful melodies create the mood of each song. Ville is at his best and presents the whole extent of his voice, more intense than ever! Hightlights: ?We Are the Sleep?, ?Innocence Lost? and the single ?Monster In Me?.

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Enter the asylum 1:32
2 - God has fallen 4:27
3 - Leader of the titans 5:23
4 - We are the sleep 5:59
5 - Innocence lost 3:54
6 - I am war 4:35
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