ELECTRIC WIZARD Wizard bloody wizard

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ELECTRIC WIZARD - Wizard bloody wizard
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Das langersehnte neunte Studioalbum!

Mehr Info:

“21st Century Funeral Boogie”…

‘See You In Hell’ is the first single / video from ELECTRIC WIZARD’s long anticipated new LP, ominously entitled ‘Wizard Bloody Wizard’, and, man, is it HEAVY!!!! Six and a half minutes of cranium-crushing bludgeon rock, a relentless aural brain rape, and – like the band’s beloved vintage horror/exploitation movies – definitely not for those of a nervous disposition.

Finally rising above convention and genre, ELECTRIC WIZARD have constructed their own vision of classic Heavy Rock… a sound harking back to the dreaded days when ‘heavy’ meant Grand Funk and Black Sabbath, and ‘rock’ meant drugs, groupies and mountains of amplification. This is 21st Century Blues, dragged (and drugged) back from the grave…

“This was the first track from the new LP sessions,” says Jus Oborn (guitar/vocals), “and right away we knew this was it… the new direction we should go in. Real heavy music… really basic heavy rock, blues-based but brutal. I think a lot of modern heavy music has disappeared up its own arse… it’s too pretentious and technical. We wanted to get back to that primal sound… over-amplified Blues… Hendrix, Blue Cheer, Zeppelin. They took that music then turned it up… so we thought, let’s do the Blues in our style. Heavy, heavy super fuckin’ Blues, total snail-paced funeral boogie for this 21st century hell. I guess it’s meant to be hopeless, but it’s also defiant and unbroken.”

Even though the LP promises ‘hymns to death, drugs, sex and violence’, the overall vibe is a band that is revitalised and ready to kill. The sound is aggressive, stripped back and savage, as if the new line-up has main-lined a fresh level of attitude and ability…

“Y’know, a lot of bad shit has happened to us, but through it all there was the music. We still dig loud heavy music, and the album is not really depressed or angry, it’s arrogant and rebellious. I still believe in rock and roll, and I still believe in killing it onstage and mentally destroying an audience.”

And the band sounds together, really together. The last three years of touring, writing and rehearsing have honed and moulded a new sound that truly distils the ELECTRIC WIZARD brew. In 43 brain-damaging minutes, the band delivers a varied, challenging, breath-taking new LP, from crushing Blues stomp through savage Detroit sleaze-rock, paranoiac passages of droning drug rock, and creepy funereal proto-metal/acid-rock. This is heavy shit, baby!!

“We’ve been worn out by the modern scene, it’s all about styles and genre. We just wanna make solid heavy music… no rules. We didn’t set out to record a style or a product, we set out to record what we wanted to hear. I want people to know it’s ELECTRIC WIZARD from the first second, but also to know we’re gonna take them on a trip. Heavy doesn’t just mean tone and bottom end… I think people have become too obsessed with FX and boutique amps. It’s more about playing style, attitude and song-writing… y’know, a lot of our songs have been interpreted as acoustic numbers by various people and they are still heavy and ominous sounding… you can’t dilute true darkness.”

The LP’s stunning all-analogue recording has been produced by Jus Oborn and Liz Buckingham (guitars) in their own ‘Satyr IX Recording Studio’…

“It’s an anti-studio, really. We wanted to put as little between the musicians and the tape as possible. We needed to take stuff away and use less equipment cos I think the raw sound of the band is killer. Studios have progressively made the recording situation more difficult and convoluted. I always think the best recordings are the simplest and most basic ones. So, yeah, we built the studio that we wanted… mics, mixing desk, tape machine… that’s it. No bullshit.”

The LP sleeve and art has also been conceived by the band and echoes, again, their love of all things macabre, evil and sleazy. A sick and twisted bad taste eye-assault that aims to titillate, excite and repulse…

“Sex and violence are our basest instincts. I guess we think that engaging the brain and the guts on this most basic, primal level is the fastest way to grab people’s emotions… it’s shock tactics, but the world is so fuckin’ brainwashed or bored that it needs to be woken up. The ‘man’ is slowly neutering and killing us with technology and lies… it’s time to fight back.”

With this new LP, Electric Wizard are shifting the musical game, and the title is their trench in the turf.

‘Wizard Bloody Wizard’.

The line is drawn.

In blood.

‘Wizard Bloody Wizard’ – the ninth ELECTRIC WIZARD studio album – is released November 11th 2017 via Witchfinder Records / Spinefarm Records

Jus Oborn – guitar / vocals
Liz Buckingham – guitar
Simon Poole – drums
Clayton Burgess – bass

Aus der Presse:

Legalize drugs & murder

Als „heavy, heavy super fuckin` blues“ tituliert das einzig verbliebene Gründungsmitglied Jus Oborn die „neue Ausrichtung“ von ELECTRIC WIZARD. Kann man so stehen lassen, aber: verändert hat sich eigentlich gar nichts. Also, außer die ständig rotierende Backing Band von Jus und seiner Dauerflamme Liz Buckingham. Monströses Feedback und unheilig groovende Kiffer-Riffs werden auf ewig die Säulen sein, auf denen ELECTRIC WIZARD ihr drogenverseuchtes Exploitation-Sleazefest gründen. Und das ist auch ziemlich super so. Auf »Wizard Bloody Wizard« springen dann natürlich auch ein paar kleine Hits raus, der fuzzige Popowackler ‘Necromania‘ etwa ist so einer. Das nihilistische ‘Mourning Of The Magicians‘ auch – und ein besonders zähflüssiger Stinkefinger-Abschiedsgruß obendrein. Wir sehen uns dann in der Hölle, Motherfuckers. Da gibt’s einfach die dicksten Riffs.

Nuclear Blast Magazine | Nadine Fiebig

Tracklist Dauer
1 - See You In Hell 6:38
2 - Necromania 6:14
3 - Hear The Sirens Scream 8:44
4 - The Reaper 3:15
5 - Wicked Caresses 6:43
6 - Mourning Of The Magicians 11:18
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