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AGNOSTIC FRONT Another voice

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AGNOSTIC FRONT - Another voice
  • CD - 15,99 EUR
  • Artikelnummer:126939
  • Format:CD
  • Genre:Punk/Hardcore
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Das wandelnde Tätowierstudio Miret und seine Mannen holzen endlich wieder wütenden, pumpenden Alte-Schule-HC mit tonnenschweren Riffs, mit Alle-shouten-mit-Refrains & mit echtem Circle-Pit-Futter!

Mehr Info:

In today’s civilization, people continue to suffer undergoing the grief, corruption, oppression and exploitation without a way to elude their troubles. Many have lived through these problems for ages, and the moment one tries to fight for what they believe is right, the elite brings them down and their voices are disregarded. For over a decade, AGNOSTIC FRONT has helped get these messages across to the populace to help solve these problems through socially driven music known as “hardcore.” In their latest offering, the band gives power and strength to these ignored voices. As one of the original hardcore bands that lived and breathed the problems that controlled their everyday New York City lifestyle since 1983, they have been amongst the most venerable and notorious outcasts of this hardcore movement. Another Voice is their most intense album yet, offering a violent attack on today’s civilization, exposing some of society’s worst problems with a genuine street-bred angst and fire that only few bands possess.
These rarely confronted and always respected leaders of hardcore were established as one of the meanest-sounding bands in the emerging punk genre, helping to initiate the term "hardcore," and placing an entire uproar on the New York map by association. From the start, AGNOSTIC FRONT released a catalogue of fast and violent punk tunes consisting of distinctive and aggressive drumming, bass work, and a non-stop barrage of chaotic shouting. On Another Voice, AGNOSTIC FRONT’s took a musical turn that resulted in a relentless and angrier approach through a pernicious outlook. Uncontrollable drumming and fuming guitars fill every minute like an onrushing storm of flailing limbs and incinerating transistors. The heavier paced balance between the energy and discipline of their earlier punk roots strikes a taut and vivid rock barrage that moshes in close formation. "It's social politics," Roger states. "The day-to-day reality of waking up, reading the newspaper, and walking around the neighborhood. It's a hard stare on why the world is still one fucked-up place, and we tackle the very real shit that's going down: gentrification's running rampant, street justice, world destruction, working wages, and backs are still being stabbed."
Featuring Matt Henderson (Madball/AF) on guitars and production by Zeuss and Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed). AGNOSTIC FRONT is offering their meanest, nastiest and brutal NYHC anthems at their best! Another Voice will include a ripping band performance and a guest appearance by Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) captured by acclaimed director Dale “Rage” Resteghini (Fear Factory, Hatebreed, God Forbid, Shadows Fall, Candiria). Other special guest vocal appearances on Another Voice include Scott Vogel (Terror) and Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis).
Long outliving their now-legendary contemporaries like Minor Threat, SSD, Dead Kennedys and Black Flag, AGNOSTIC FRONT could easily live off their laurels, but their fight is yet over! Throughout their storied history, AGNOSTIC FRONT have been anything but a ravishing group of individuals living prosperously and content. In fact, the band is more akin to have experienced growing up in adverse streets, undergoing arduous times, serving time in prison, become inflicted with murdered friends, the list would go on perpetually. But while there are definite vestiges of the past affecting them, they manage to continue and expose the conflicts they had to undergo in a compellingly evocative approach on their latest release, Another Voice by relating it to their views of the world today.

AGNOSTIC FRONT continues to be living embodiment that "hardcore for life" isn't an empty slogan or a musical dead end. No one is born with tattoos. No one's born hardcore. But when the ink or the music sets in, you're changed. In An other Voice, the outcome is an album overflowing of significant hopefulness liberated from a profound fury. Their latest offering reaffirms that AGNOSTIC FRONT as a band, still operates like a musical razor blade. Regardless of their history, the proof is simple: AGNOSTIC FRONT’s anthems are hard, cutting, and the remarkable music continues to broaden with every release. “We support UNITY! We despise ignorance and hatred within our scene. The only people we should be at war with is those who oppress us, not with each other. Unite! Fight the system! Not ourselves! Believe – Hardcore!”

Roger Miret – vocals
Vinnie Stigma – guitar
Lenny DiSclafani – guitar
Mike Gallo – bass
Steve Gallo - drums

Another Voice 2004
Working Class Heros 2002
Dead Yuppies 2001
Riot! Riot! Upstart 1999
Something`s Gotta Give 1998
Raw Unleashed 1995
Last Warning 1993
One Voice 1992
Live at CBGB 1989
Liberty and Justice 1987
Cause for Alarm 1986
Victim in Pain 1984
United Blood 1983

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Still Here 1:35
2 - All Is Not Forgotten 1:49
3 - Fall of the parasite 1:35
4 - Pride, Faith, Respect 2:54
5 - So Pure To Me 1:11
6 - Dedication 2:15
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