Birth and the burial

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ACT OF DEFIANCE - Birth and the burial
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A compelling modern Thrash Metal album with outstanding guitar work. Feat. members of MEGADETH, SCAR THE MARTYR & SHADOWS FALL.

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ACT OF DEFIANCE can easily described as a "super group", feat. (former) members of bands like Megadeth, Scar The Martyr and Shadows Fall.

It takes only one exposure to Birth And The Burial to become abundantly aware that this is not the sound of a bunch of guys screwing around. Kicking things off with first single "Throwback" they throw down the gauntlet, the track erupting in a cascading lead before launching into a breakneck thrash attack, sounding very much like four guys ready to fight, its massive chorus only upping the ante. The merciless intensity displayed is a mode they return to often, "Thy Lord Belial" "Dead Stare", and "Disastrophe" particularly upping the adrenaline and sure to cause mosh pit carnage.

Birth And The Burial, is ten tracks of armor-plated, state of the art heaviness. Period.

Band: Henry Derek: Vocals
Chris Broderick: Guitar
Shawn Drover: Drums
Matt Bachand: Bass

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Throwback 5:32
2 - Legion of lies 3:47
3 - Thy Lord belial 3:37
4 - Refrain and re-fracture 5:54
5 - Dead stare 4:31
6 - Disastrophe (A new reality) 3:24
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