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GORMATHON Following the beast

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GORMATHON - Following the beast
  • CD-Digi - 4,99 EUR
  • Artikelnummer:233582
  • Format:CD-Digi
  • Genre:Death Metal
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Der neue Stern am Melodic Death Metal-Himmel! Die limitierte Erstauflage im Digipak kommt inkl. zwei Bonustracks.

Mehr Info:

Gor-Ma-What? GORMATHON. The Gormathon is a beast, a hybrid of angel and fighter. It is the almighty unknown. At least that’s the way the Swedish band explains its name. GORMATHON is a band that knows no fear. Melodic Death Metal and Thrash elements are in their sound, influences from modern Heavy Metal to inspirations of old Metal heroes from the eighties.
"We all have different backgrounds and influences. Presumably this is the main reason why our music sounds a bit different than the usual Metal styles" explains guitarist Stefan Jonsson. "We had very clear ideas about how GORMATHON should sound. We knew exactly what the Metal scene is missing nowadays. We had to get it only from our minds to our instruments. I think our new record will prove that we have successfully implemented our project."
And thus GORMATHON continues the tradition of fine Metal bands coming from the small Swedish town Bollnäs. Jonsson explains what is going on with this fabled city itself: "Here’s nothing going on. That’s why we are so devoted to the Heavy Metal. But when you leave our boring town and dare to walk through our dark forests, then you will encounter gnomes, trolls and other beings." Or encounter the GORMATHON.

Vocals - Tony Sunnhag
Guitar - Stefan Jonsson
Guitar - Markus Albertson
Bass - Kalle Svedåker
Drums - Tony Sandberg

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Remedy 4:09
2 - Land Of The Lost 3:25
3 - Hellbender 3:51
4 - Break The Chains 4:06
5 - Celestial Warrior 3:53
6 - In Benevolence 4:09
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