Rise to power

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BATTLECROSS - Rise to power
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Die limitierte Erstauflage kommt im Digipak inkl. Bonustrack "War ensemble" (SLAYER Coverversion).

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Disinterested in simply recycling the 'classic' thrash sound, the Canton, MI quintet have consistently brought new fire, energy, and dynamics to their metallic assault, and with Rise To Power they raise the stakes once more. Building on the blistering sounds of sophomore release War Of Will (2013), it is a darker, more aggressive and tighter record, catchy without pandering, packed with face-melting solos and with every track they push their hunger to empower the masses to the forefront. "We're really proud of War Of Will, and we got to play those songs all over the world, which was an amazing experience. Going into this record we had more freedom in the sense that we were able to say well, people like what we write, so let's just write what we like," states bassist Don Slater. "We never really want to do the same thing twice. We want to play the riffs that we want to hear, and we just want to keep building on our experience and raising the bar," adds guitarist Tony Asta. "No one is handing us anything. We've always been about putting the work in, and we couldn't be prouder of what we've achieved with Rise To Power."

Kyle Gunther: Vocals
Tony Asta: Guitar
Hiran Deraniyagala: Guitar
Don Slater: Bass
Alex Bent: Drums

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Scars 3:01
2 - Not your slave 3:32
3 - Absence 3:22
4 - Spoiled 3:05
5 - The climb 3:37
6 - Blood & lies 3:44
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