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Wheels Of Steel The explosive early years of NWOBHM

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Wheels Of Steel - The explosive early years of NWOBHM
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Mehr von Wheels Of Steel

Das zweite Buch aus der Trilogie zum Thema New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Vom Kanadischen Autor Martin Popoff, der bereits über 70 Bücher über Rock und Metal Musik geschrieben hat. 244 Seiten in Englischer Sprache.

Mehr Info:

The year was 1979, and a brash new breed of heavy metal-maker was busy shoveling dirt over the death of punk, while simultaneously mourning the waning energies — or outright demises — of hard rock’s earlier heroes, namely Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep.
In Wheels of Steel: The Explosive Early Years of the NWOBHM, Martin Popoff charts the long ramp-up to this detonation of headbanging mania through the late ‘70s, arriving at the penultimate first years of this flash phenomenon — namely 1979 and 1980.
Utilising his celebrated oral history method — rich with detailed chronological entries to frame the story, Popoff blasts through all of the reasons the NWOBHM had to happen, and then drops down on all the singles, albums, live events and conceptual trends studding those remarkable two years, an era that essentially marks a coming-out party for heavy metal.
Come join Martin, along with dozens of his old school headbanging buddies, as they together tell the tale of this ersatz genre’s birth and mischievous, defiant adolescence — heavy metal would forever be transformed, and Wheels of Steel
celebrates plainly and yet powerfully, all the reasons why.

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