Born Again! BLACK SABBATH in the eighties & nineties

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Born Again! - BLACK SABBATH in the eighties & nineties
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Nachfolgeband zu Sabotage!. Basierend auf ausführlichen Interviews, die der Autor mit allen Bandmitgliedern führte. Der kanadische Autor Martin Popoff hat über siebzig Bücher über Rockmusik geschrieben und ist einer der angesehensten Autoren dieses Genres. 282 Seiten in Englischer Sprache.

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In this scintillating sequel to Sabotage! BLACK SABBATH in the Seventies, Martin Popoff blows up the kaleidoscopic narrative of the Sabs over the ensuing twenty years, dissecting each and every of the band’s ten studio albums and two (and-a-half) live albums produced over that time period.

So this is the book where we hear the gripes, snipes, swipes and thumbsup likes from Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes, Tony Martin and finally once more OZZY OSBOURNE, as they remark upon this institution coddled by the anchor of the band Tony Iommi, who valiantly held BLACK SABBATH together through many years of blood, sweat and Tyrs.

Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules, Live Evil, Born Again, Seventh Star, The Eternal Idol, Headless Cross, Tyr, Dehumanizer, Cross Purposes, Forbidden and finally, extensively broken down, Reunion… they’re all here, song by song, the hirings and the firings highlighted and explained. Incorporating talk from over 60 interviews conductive with band members and other relevant parties over 25 years, make no mistake—this is the most in-depth examination of the band during this timeframe ever executed. So come one and all, re-love modern-era BLACK SABBATH all over again—you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much dastardly doom there is from Tony Iommi that you need to know and embrace once again.

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