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MADBALL - Empire

Veröffentlicht am: 15.10.2010

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What started at the age of 7 when Freddy Cricien was thrown onto stage by his half-brother and legendary hardcore singer Roger Miret of the mighty AGNOSTIC FRONT ended up turning into one of the most important hardcore bands of all time. The members of MADBALL are icons in the underground and that underground now spills forth into the streets. Since forming in 1988, MADBALL has been responsible for some of the most important releases in the genre, from the seminal “Ball of Destruction” EP (1989) to the landmark albums “Set It Off” (1994), “Demonstrating My Style” (1996), “Look My Way” (1998), “Hold it Down” (2000), and their latest efforts “Legacy” (2005) and “Infiltrate The System” (2007). After numerous label shifts MADBALL finally joined forces with Nuclear Blast looking into a bright future with another kick ass record on the way – “Empire” which is not only the first album for Nuclear Blast, but also the first to feature the bands new drummer Jay Weinberg, who stepped in for long term percussionist Darren Morgenthaler.

Unusually, for “Empire”, MADBALL chose to work with a pure metal producer, Eric Rutan of HATE ETERNAL, who had previously worked with bands like MISERY INDEX or CANNIBAL CORPSE.

Hardcore icon Cricien comments: "Erik has been great to work with. He's definitely a perfectionist, which I have no problem with. It's going to benefit us in the end! He's got his own techniques like everyone does, so he's going to bring a different dynamic into the sound/mix. I'm excited for people to hear the finished product. I predict it will be very HARD!”

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Invigorate 2:00
2 - Danger Zone 2:06
3 - Timeless 2:05
4 - All Or Nothing 3:00
5 - Glory Years 1:55
6 - Empire 2:56
7 - Shatterproof (feat. Roger Miret) 1:45
8 - The End 2:50
9 - Con Fuerza 2:26
10 - R.A.H.C. 1:44
11 - Hurt You 0:43
12 - “Tough Guy” 1:10
13 - Dark Horse 2:43
14 - Spider’s Web 2:05
15 - Delete 2:33
16 - Rebel4life 18 2:58