Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes


AMORPHIS - Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes

Veröffentlicht am: 09.07.2010

20 years of AMORPHIS – 20 years filled with innovation, darkness, beauty, heaviness and timeless classic tunes by these Finnish superstars! 20 years of AMORPHIS – time to celebrate!

As a gift to all fans, the Finns have released the first ever DVD in the band`s history: enter "Forging the land of thousand lakes"! This lush 2-disc set embraces all incarnations and sheddings of skin the band went through – from Scandinavian death metal of the early days up to the latter day elegant dark rock. "Forging the land of thousand lakes" boasts two live sets filled to the brim with fan faves and rare material – the first one taped in Oulu, Finland and the second one at Summer Breeze Open Air Germany 2009. An exhaustive documentary on the past 20 years of AMORPHIS feat. many former members completes an extraordinary release.

Cheers to 20 more years with mighty AMORPHIS!

Disc 1
1 - Silver Bride
2 - Sampo
3 - Towards And Against
4 - The Castaway
5 - Smithereens / The Smoke
6 - Majestic Beast
7 - Alone
8 - Silent Waters
9 - Divinity
Disc 2
1 - Elegy Medley (Against Widows / Cares / On Rich And Poor)
2 - From The Heaven Of My Heart
3 - Sky Is Mine
4 - Magic And Mayhem / Black Winter Day
5 - Sign From The Northside
6 - House Of Sleep
7 - My Kantele

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