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Love And Other Disasters – The Rebellion Pack


SONIC SYNDICATE - Love And Other Disasters – The Rebellion Pack

Veröffentlicht am: 06.11.2009

After having multiple chart entries all over Europe with their latest album "Love And Other Disasters" Sonic Syndicate directly attacked the world supporting NIGHTWISH on their US tour, IN FLAMES throughout Europe followed by a co-headlining tour with Swedish fellas and labelmates DEATHSTARS and more. After an intense year of touring the band received news that singer Roland Johansson is calling it quits in late April. Without delay, the band and management contacted Bandit Rock Radio "Stockholm" to announce the news and team up for what has become something more then they could ever have hoped for. A diamond in the rough, a soul mate, a kick ass fucking singer that has so much hunger and talent to take the band to places they could never reach before. Thousands of submissions, countless auditions, hours of horror and an amazing partnership with Bandit Rock, Sonic Syndicate would like to introduce to you their new singer, Mr Nathan J Biggs (Born 1986. Shrewsbury, UK). Sonic Syndicate commented: "The search is over and the band is complete once again! Nathan is probably the best thing that ever happened to Sonic Syndicate since the discovery of distorted guitars and the work we´ve done together is by far the best we´ve achieved to date! He´s like the long lost brother we never had and has also fused the rest of us together more closely than before. The rebellion has begun!" – Sonic Syndicate Nathan commented:"Something incredible and totally unpredictable has happened here! Not only have I managed to land myself in one the most promising bands in the world, I've gained a new family too. The energy between Sonic and I is electric and its producing some breath taking results. We're taking it to the next level - Don't blink or you'll be running to catch up with us!" - Nathan J. Biggs The band will be releasing a new EP called "Rebellion", which contains two brand new songs ("Burn This City", "Rebellion In Nightmareland") featuring Nathan, on November 6th this year, which comes together with the latest album "Love And Other Disasters" as a all-in-one-package. The cover artwork to "Rebellion" was done by Gustavo Savez of Abstrata art. SONIC SYNDICATE is planning to hit the road this fall so get ready, the rebellion has begun! CDS: 01. Burn This City (radio edit) 02. Burn This City 03. Rebellion In Nightmareland DVD: - Studio report (making of "Love And Other Disasters") - Jack Of Diamonds (video clip) - My Escape (video clip) - Denied (video clip) - Enclave (video clip) - Psychic Suicide (live in Cologne, October 2007, recorded by Bunch.TV) - Blue Eyed Fiend (live in Cologne, October 2007, recorded by Bunch.TV) - Tour De Paris - Shopping in Paris

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Encaged 4:25
2 - Hellgate: Worcester 3:23
3 - Jack Of Diamonds 3:41
4 - My Escape 4:10
5 - Fallout 3:51
6 - Power Shift 3:32
7 - Contradiction 3:33
8 - Damage: Control 3:49
9 - Red Eyed Friend 4:43
10 - Affliction 5:12
11 - Ruin (bonustrack) 3:42
12 - Dead Planet (bonustrack) 4:21
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