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SAMAEL - Above

Veröffentlicht am: 06.03.2009

After two years of silence, legendary band SAMAEL from Switzerland is back with their new full length album „Above“! Expect a harsh dissonance to the catchy and electronica-meets-metal approach of the predecessor "Solar Soul". Harking back to the good old Black Metal days of SAMAEL, the band`s ninth effort combines the extreme sounds of the era 1994 – 1996 with sophisticated songwriting and unearthly grooves. Produced by the band and mixed by the one and only Mr. Fredrik Nordström (IN FLAMES, OPETH, ARCH ENEMY), "Above" surely is the most surprising and aggressive in the whole SAMAEL discography! Let`s hear what enigmatic frontman Vorph has to say about this upcoming aural assault: “Above” was first meant to be a separate project because we thought it was too unbalanced and it was showing just one side of the band but then so was “Era One”. Those two records are almost perfect opposites. While “Era One” shows the band focusing on all their side influences, “Above” is a metal album through and through. Musically “Above” embedded a lot of memorable influences: Bathory, Slayer, Iron Maiden… to name just a few bands that shaped the sound of S A M A E L in the first place. It is like an enhanced version of the band 3 or 4 first albums. Some might say the missing link between “Ceremony Of Opposites” and “Passage”. The lyrical content is also reminiscent of the band approach until the album “Eternal”. It’s not a “one song one topic” type of lyrics, but that was never really the case with S A M A E L. Some of the themes tackled throughout the album are: change, personal quest, sex and ambition… something that has been part of entire S A M A E L history.”

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Under The Flag 3:41
2 - Virtual War 4:04
3 - Polygames 3:55
4 - Earth Country 3:55
5 - Illumination 3:30
6 - Black Hole 3:36
7 - In There 4:01
8 - Dark Side 2:56
9 - God Snake 4:07
10 - On The Top Of It All 4:42
11 - Black Hole: Verso Mix (Bonus Track) 3:34
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