Warriors - Tour Edition


AGNOSTIC FRONT - Warriors - Tour Edition

Veröffentlicht am: 04.07.2008

"Another Voice" from 2004 marked the phenomenal return of NYHC-Warriors AGNOSTIC FRONT into the realms of true Hardcore. After some good street punk records, the band decided to take a big, big step back to the roots. The result was an uncompromising lesson in Hardcore violence – same with the Live DVD/CD "Live At CBGB", released in 2006. One of the most brutal live shows ever recorded.

"Warriors" is the next demonstration of ultra violence. A furios NYHC statement recorded by one of the most legendary and influential bands ever. Last time (means "Another Voice"), Jamey Jasta from HATEBREED handled the production, this time, the band decided to include some family vibes: Freddy Cricien, well-known as the fronter of MADBALL and younger brother of AGNOSTIC FRONT singer Roger Miret, produced the album! No need to mention that the sound is killer! Plus: "Warriors" was engineered by Zeuss (SHADOWS FALL, etc.).

The outcome? NYHC hymns and more NYHC hynms. Even more crushing than the last one. The opening track "Addiction" is a brutal-as-fuck attack that even flirts with Thrash Metal.

If you loved "Another Voice", this will be one of your albums of the year! The "Warriors" are unleashed again and they are willing to fight!

DVD: 22 min.

01. Addiction (video clip)
02. For My Family (video clip)
03. Addiction (live video)
04. For My Family (live video)
05. Crucified (live video)
06. Gotta Go (live video)
07. Break The Chains (audio bonus track)

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Addiction 2:20
2 - Dead To Me 2:52
3 - Outraged 1:54
4 - Warriors 2:07
5 - Black And Blue 2:34
6 - Change Your Ways 1:53
7 - For My Family 2:22
8 - No Regrets 1:48
9 - Revenge 3:12
10 - We Want The Truth 2:24
11 - By My Side 2:51
12 - Come Alive 2:02
13 - All These Years 1:58
14 - Forgive Me Mother 1:56

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