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Solar Soul


SAMAEL - Solar Soul

Veröffentlicht am: 01.06.2007

Samael are legends. Period.Three years after their last record "Reign Of Light", the band from Switzerland is back with their new opus magnus: "Solar Soul". Dark, heavy, compact and a beautiful mind trip through empty lunar fields of desolation. No other band than SAMAEL could write the soundtrack for a movie about a abandoned universe in all it´s coldness. "Solar Soul" features eleven perfect produced tracks, all with enormous hit potential. Punching guitar riffs, pounding drums, impressive keyboard spheres, intelligent bass lines and above all conjuring yet aggressive vocals. Formed in 1987, SAMAEL started as Black Metal-Hopefulls. The first two albums, "Worship Him" and "Blood Ritual", are classics in the underground. With their next effort, "Ceremony Of Opposites", SAMAEL reached a new level of success and had the chance to tour a lot. "Passage" had a different approach: Xy switched from Drums to Keys. The from now on used drum computer gave SAMAEL an even colder atmosphere and a new style for sure. The video for the song "Jupiterian Vibe" even conquered german music channels! After three years of silence and many delays, "Eternal" arrived. An experimental record with some new influences, but still unmistakably SAMAEL. Again, a long period of silence followed, ended by their last output "Reign Of Light". This album was the proove: SAMAEL have finally found their style! It´s not easy at all to put SAMAEL in a drawer – but that´s not necessary. It´s heavy, it´s dark, it´s Metal, it´s SAMAEL. "Solar Soul" is among the best SAMAEL albums for sure. No doubt about that. This band will arise again! Be part of it.

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Solar Soul 3:44
2 - Promised Land 3:57
3 - Slavocracy 3:30
4 - Western Ground 4:06
5 - On The Rise 3:51
6 - Alliance 3:40
7 - Suspended Time 3:44
8 - Walkyries' New Ride 3:53
9 - Ave! 4:15
10 - Quasar Waves 3:37
11 - Architect (bonus track) 3:50
12 - Olympus 4:38
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