Nothing (Re-release)


MESHUGGAH - Nothing (Re-release)

Veröffentlicht am: 03.11.2006

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Why remix, remaster and re-record an album that sounded nearly perfect? A good question. But the answer is hidden in the question. Nearly perfect. Listen to the new version of "Nothing" and you will hear the difference. This is the ultimate version of "Nothing" - even though it´s released four years after the primary release. "Nothing" was a great album – no doubt about that - but MESHUGGAH still weren´t satisfied with the artwork, the sound and sometimes even a bit with the songs themselves. The reasons: The band had to hurry. They got an offer to play the Ozzfest-Tour in the US, so the album had to be finished before that.

And as we all know: MESHUGGAH are complete perfectionists. Release dates, time schedules, etc. – normally this means nothing to MESHUGGAH. Except for this time… and it was a mistake in the eyes of the band. So guitar player Fredrik Thordendal had the idea to rework on "Nothing". Just to make the record sound like the band wanted it to sound back in 2002. So the album was remixed, remastered and most of the guitar and bass parts were even re-recorded! The band also slowed down some songs, because live on stage realized that some songs felt more alive with the "right" tempo. That´s why songs like "Nebulous" and "Obsidian" are much longer than before. But not only the better sound and the new artwork makes this "re-release" (which it in fact isn´t) worthy. It´s also the included DVD, the live performances from the Download Festival 2005 in the UK and the official video clips. Among them: "New Millenium Cyanide Christ", an especially great performance video. Check it out and prepare to be blown away!

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Stengah 5:38
2 - Rational Gaze 5:26
3 - Perpetual Black Second 4:39
4 - Closed Eye Visuals 7:26
5 - Glints Collide 4:56
6 - Organic Shadows 5:20
7 - Straws Pulled At Random 5:17
8 - Spasm 4:15
9 - Nebulous 7:07
10 - Obsidian 8:34
11 - Straws Pulled Random (Live At Download 05) (on DVD)
12 - In Death Is Death (Live At Download 05) (on DVD)
13 - Future Breed Machine (Live At Download 05) (on DVD)
14 - Rational Gaze (Official Video) (on DVD)
15 - Shed (Official Video) (on DVD)
16 - New Millenium Cyanide Christ (Official Video) (on DVD)
17 - Rational Gaze (Mr. Kidman Delirium Version) (on DVD)
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