Under Reprisal


THREAT SIGNAL - Under Reprisal

Veröffentlicht am: 26.05.2006

THREAT SIGNAL hails from the filthy industrialized east end of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Over the past year and a half, the band has written and recorded a slew of intense metal songs that have rocked the internet metal charts, gained an international fan base, and earned them the attention of several record companies both domestic and overseas. The bands success comes from hard work and pure determination The band was formed when cousins Jon and Rich Howard recruited local shredder Kyle McKnight in late 2003. The trio quickly began writing material and acquired drummer Adam Matthews in early 2004. Former guitar – tech Marco Bressette joined the band on bass in August 2005. George Parfitt was the final member to join the band in 2006. In April 2004, THREAT SIGNAL posted their first demo ’Rational Eyes’ on the metal site http://www.garageband.com. A few weeks later the song raced up the charts to reach number 1, getiing over 8000 hits. The song currently remains in the number 1 spot. THREAT SIGNAL has also received many awards for ’Rational Eyes’ including best guitars, best drums, best male vocals, best production, song of the week, song of the day,and countless more. With the success of ‘Rational Eyes’, the band was contacted by various record labels who were extremely interested in their music. This prompted THREAT SIGNAL to release three more songs onto garageband.com. ’One Last Breath’, ’Inane’ and ’A New Beginning’, showcased even more of the bands talents and musicianship. The songs are still climbing the charts. In September 2005 THREAT SIGNAL flew to Los Angeles to record their debut album with producer Christian Olde Wolbers of FEAR FACTORY. Everything was recorded in just under 5 weeks. But what is THREAT SIGNAL all about? Their music can be described as low-end, syncopated melodic thrash metal. The band was fed up with groups playing whiny emotional songs about girls, and also with the simplicity of nu-metal. THREAT SIGNAL combines thick layers of Oldschool European Thrash metal with a complex yet catchy approach to songwriting, as well as tons of killer hooks and melodies. The bands influences include SOILWORK, FEAR FACTORY, MESHUGGAH and PANTERA. Here´s what vocalist Jon Howard has to say about the new masterpiece: "Driving syncopated riffs, powerful screams, ripping guitar solos, old school thrash, melodic singing, dynamic musical passages, catchy hooks, harmonious guitar leads, this album has it all! We put everything we love about music into our sound, and created a very unique record. This album will be kicking your ass at one point, and then taking you out for drinks the next. We are very proud of what we have created, and we believe if you’re a metal fan, you need to give THREAT SIGNAL a listen." "Under Reprisal" sets new a standard in the genre of melodic death metal, and makes THREAT SIGNAL one of the most promising newcomer acts in the Metal scene! "Under Reprisal" is a MUST HAVE!

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Rational Eyes 3:36
2 - As I Destruct 4:09
3 - One Last Breath 3:48
4 - Seeing Red 3:40
5 - A New Beginning 4:26
6 - Counterbalance 5:38
7 - Inane 6:09
8 - Now 3:20
9 - Faceless 3:12
10 - Haunting 3:20
11 - When All Is Said And Done 5:43