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DEATHSTARS - Termination Bliss

Veröffentlicht am: 27.01.2006

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”This black syndicate is a burning ballroom/ Dirt, drinks and pills and Gucci drenched in blood” – ‘DEATH IN VOGUE’

Yes, they’re back and the lyrical quote is pretty much the illustration of the second album from the Swedish DEATHSTARS. On “Termination Bliss” they take an even more powerful step into the modern urban nightscape - It’s death, It’s glitter, a fistful of fire and tons of blank leather. DEATHSTARS’ ”Termination Bliss” takes the renaissance of the leather-swept members into the artificial heart of their European culture. Where their successful debut ”Synthetic Generation” was a first halt for the Swedes, the second album ”Termination Bliss” is a huge step in the chosen direction – a huge step into the western vacuum. It’s a deep dive into the dystopia of our personal future, and a bloody crime scene for the ones who still have a grand vision of utopian belief. DEATHSTARS use themselves as the objects they try to understand and as the patients they criticize in a time where it’s hard to find some substance at all - the world which we work and live in every day. It’s about aggression, glamour, loss, decadence and moral downfall; the spirit can best be described as an industrial demigod in black glitter - with a gun, a cigarette and a million dollar smile. It's entertainment from hell.

”It seems that DEATHSTARS is a threat to the common citizen”, says W. Bernadotte. “But what it’s really about is a wake-up call. It’s about facing your dark sides. I guess we’re the ’Citizen Kane’ of our society”, he continues with a smile. With their debut-album "Synthetic Generation", DEATHSTARS immediately made a name for themselves as an act that combined the attitude of the extreme metal underground with a more modern and dynamic expression than other dark rock acts. Both singles/videos - "Synthetic Generation" and "Syndrome" - hit music, TV, and radio channels hard all over the world and the success was of course followed by tours and festival gigs. The debut was released by LED Recordings/Universal Music and Nuclear Blast outside of Scandinavia, but the band has now signed a worldwide deal directly with the German based label Nuclear Blast.

"When the dark does what the dark does best – it’s darkness! Let the dark do what the dark does best – let it be darkness!” – ‘CYANIDE’

"It’s been four years since we started to record ’Synthetic Generation’, but it’s been worth the time since each member has had a lot of personal problems... something that can very well be heard on the new album. The thing about ’Termination Bliss’ is that it’s probably the most complex thing we’ve ever done when it comes to exploring our individual mental issues”, says Nightmare Industries.

Spawning from well-known underground acts in the 90’s, such as DISSECTION, OPHTHALAMIA and SWORDMASTER, the band brings the true nerve of the Scandinavian underground scene into the elite industrial ballrooms of the 21st century. It’s a mighty musical highway that goes via Black and Death Metal, Electro, Goth, Synth and Rock to end up at the gates of Industry. To put it simply - DEATHSTARS makes darkness look (and sound) good.

As mentioned before, DEATHSTARS has an impressing history. They’ve been topping the TV-charts in Sweden and Germany, they’ve made Hollywood-themes, they’ve been banned from TV-stations and are among the best-selling rock acts in Sweden. ”Termination Bliss” was produced by Nightmare Industries in Black Syndicate Studios and mixed by Stefan Glaumann (RAMMSTEIN, CLAWFINGER etc.) at Toytown Studios.

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Tongues 3:43
2 - Blitzkrieg 4:04
3 - Motherzone 4:06
4 - Cyanide 3:54
5 - Greatest Fight On Earth 3:52
6 - Play God 4:09
7 - Trinity Fields 4:22
8 - The Last Ammunition 4:06
9 - Virtue To Vice 3:42
10 - Death In Vogue 4:14
11 - Termination Bliss 3:43
12 - Termination Bliss (Piano Version) 3:12
13 - Blitzkrieg (Driven On Remix) 5:19