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Veröffentlicht am: 04.04.2005

New line up, new label, new influences – the sixth album "Alpha" is in many respects a new beginning for SUCH A SURGE. Hence the new album’s title which also reflects the precursor role the band has kept throughout its history: always one step ahead instead of following trends and fashions. The guys from Braunschweig, Germany, have been playing their mixture of Metal and Hardcore (nowadays fashionably called Metalcore) for ten years – back then the more generic term ‘Crossover’ was more fashionable.After the aesthetic Indie-Rock hints of last album "Rotlicht", SUCH A SURGE gravitated again towards the more metallic sounds of their early days. Yet they manage to sound much more original than back then. After all, the five have gained a lot of experience during the last decade which manifested in their song-writing, now incomparably more mature than in 1995. As reflection of various influences the stylistic palette is again very wide and covers brute smashers like 'Radiosong', 'Blender' or 'Instant Replay' relaxed tracks like 'Mein Tag' and 'Mission erfüllt!' and the melancholic semi-ballad 'Alles was mir fehlt' as well as diverse Rock'n'Roll songs with a slight touch of Stoner-Rock (sound like Josh Homme has joined Entombed). This new approach – as shown in 'Was jetzt?', 'Zu allem bereit' and 'OK' – results from the efforts of guitarist Lutz, who joined the band in 2003. He's a long-time friend of SUCH A SURGE and replaces Dennis who quit the band following the previous release. Both front men Olli and Michel have adjusted their styles to the musical development with vocals alternating between melodic singing, rough shouting and easygoing rhyme flow. The lyrics reflect current social issues through an improved maturity and humour ('Mein Tag'); while more personal subjects bring the album a more authentic feel ('Alles was mir fehlt', 'Nachtaktiv').On February 7th 2005, four-track-EP "Mission erfüllt!" will be released in advance of album "Alpha". The title track, in the best Michael Moore style, deals with the world police role the USA has been leading – and after the re-election of George W. Bush this subject is more relevant than ever! Beside the rough rocker 'Was jetzt?', the CD contains two fiercely, exclusive non-album-tracks with 'Einfach sein' and 'Powersurge'. The complete album "Alpha" will get in stores on April 4th 2005. Marcus Schleutermann / Rock Hard

1 - Überfall
2 - O.K.
3 - Was jetzt?
4 - Alles was mir fehlt
5 - Zu allem bereit
6 - Radiosong
7 - Mein Tag
8 - Instant Replay
9 - Nachtaktiv
10 - Blender
11 - Mission erfüllt
12 - Monster