The History Of Fear


PRIMAL FEAR - The History Of Fear

Veröffentlicht am: 29.09.2003

The History Of Fear – 150 minutes of pure Heavy Metal from the German Metal Commando, PRIMAL FEAR. This first DVD from the South German fiver give an extensive retrospective of the band's career with several bootlegs from tours and festivals in the USA, Canada, South America, Asia and Europe, as well as gigs at the Wacken Open Air and finally, impressions of their last years' "Black Sun" tour. But that's not all; additionally you will find video clips of 'Angel In Black' and 'Armageddon' as well as a bonus audio CD with official live bootlegs. Value for your money! PRIMAL FEAR was founded in 1998 by the legendary metal shouter Ralf Scheepers (ex-GAMMA RAY), SINNER fronter Mat Sinner and drummer Klaus Sperling (PROLOPOWER). Their self-titled debut album Primal Fear entered the German charts at position 48 and on the following tour with RUNNING WILD the band proved to be a hard competitor for their headliner colleagues. Shortly after guitar players Stefan Leibig (COMEDY CLUB) and Tom Naumann (SINNER) became a permanent part of the line-up and PRIMAL FEAR recorded Jaws Of Death, an aggressive and musically sophisticated yet uncompromising metal hammer. Shortly thereafter the band began to tour the USA, Brasilia, Argentina and Japan and earned great responses everywhere. Between 2000 and 2001 some changes in the line-up took place, ultimately resulting in Tom Naumann leaving PRIMAL FEAR and being replaced by Henny Wolter (ex-THUNDERHEAD) who turned out to be the perfect mate to Leibing's guitaring. The next album Nuclear Fire marked another milestone in the band's history offering a clear but also powerful production (accomplished by Mat Sinner himself) and several killer songs. Black Sun presented a considerable development regarding the style of the German Metal Commando. Using progressive elements and experimental fundamentals the songs proved to be more complex and diversified than in the past. The album entered the German charts at number 55 and the Japanese rock charts at 12 and a very successful "Black Sun"-tour left fans all over the world thrilled. In August 2003 drummer Klaus Sperling decided to part ways with PRIMAL FEAR – and a new man for the drum kit was found in Randy Black (ANNIHILATOR). One month later the first PRIMAL FEAR - DVD, The History Of Fear, entered the market featuring loads of live and backstage material. Now you can join PRIMAL FEAR through their History Of Fear, an extensive resume of the band's history so far…

1 - Introduction
2 - Angel In Black
3 - Battalions Of Hate
4 - Nuclear Fire
5 - Chainbreaker
6 - Eye Of An Eagle
7 - Fight The Fire
8 - Running In The Dust
9 - Silver & Gold
10 - Final Embrace/Angel In Black Repise
1 - Introduction
2 - Chainbreaker
3 - Black Sun
4 - Church Of Blood
5 - Mind Control
6 - Under Your Spell
7 - Fear
8 - Tears Of Rage
9 - Armageddon
10 - Living For Metal
11 - Medley: One With The World/Born To Rock/Metal Gods