Synthetic Generation


DEATHSTARS - Synthetic Generation

Veröffentlicht am: 03.11.2003

“I am all that you see / I am all that you want me to be” - Whiplasher, Synthetic Generation

In the beginning there was death. Yes, the elite have gathered under the flag of DEATHSTARS. From a past in the underground top act bands DISSECTION and SWORDMASTER have managed to develop a new kind of bombastic industrial rock music, taking it all to a new level of sophisticated brutality. “Synthetic Generation” takes you through the collapse and decadence of our western culture and confronts the time in which we live and work every day. With different views on dark topics the band use themselves as the artwork and the songs as aspects on themselves. It’s nothing short from an impressive and original achievement from a fresh band. From majestic songs like “Semi-Automatic”, “New Dead Nation” and “The Revolution Exodus” to the suggestive tunes of “Syndrome” and “No Light To Shun” they deliver a tasteful, cool and dark show in unique style. “We wanted to use our roots in the extreme rock music and explore new more personal ways of expressing sexy chaos”, says Nightmare Industries, guitarist in DEATHSTARS. “We wanted every song to be a motherfucker and sound like a storm of music, and that’s what we did”, continues the vocalist Whiplasher. To describe the music we can refer to MINISTRY, FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM and RAMMSTEIN with that harsh horror touch to it so well handled since their past in the extreme metal Underground. DEATHSTARS deliver style and maybe it’s true as they say - with DEATHSTARS even funerals look good. DEATHSTARS have topped the Swedish TV-charts and has had high rotation on public radio stations - it’s been a total success and now they’re ready to take on the rest of the planet. Or as guitarist Beast X Electric so well puts it: “DEATHSTARS kick ass!”. "Synthetic Generation" was produced by the bands own Nightmare Industries, Mixed by Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Clawfinger, Def Leppard) and recorded in Fredman Studios by Anders Fridén and DEATHSTARS.

Tracklist Dauer
1 - Semi-Automatic 4:17
2 - Synthetic Generation 3:28
3 - New Dead Nation 3:39
4 - Syndrome 3:10
5 - Modern Death 3:57
6 - Little Angel 4:11
7 - The Revolution Exodus 4:00
8 - Damn Me 3:33
9 - The Rape 3:54
10 - Genocide 3:39
11 - No Light 3:22
12 - White Wedding 3:32