Veröffentlicht am: 31.03.2003

After a three-year hiatus, The Kovenant are back with their new numbest fourth long-player, SETI. The album is a big surprise. “SETI” means “Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence,” which also embodies the Norwegian’s musical style. The Kovenant continually strive for atmosphere, futuristic sounds, crazy ideas and modern sounds. With SETI, they go one step beyond their last successful album, Animatronic (1999), which hit #92 on the German charts. The band followed the release with tons of touring: Nuclear Blast festival (with Hypocrisy etc.), USA tour with Moonspell and Amorphis, European tour with Zeromancer and playing numerous festivals like Roskilde (Denmark), Quart (Norway), Gods of Metal (Italy), Waldrock (Belgum) and many more. When it came time for the new record, the band didn’t want to merely repeat Animatronic just because it was successful. Accordingly, they allowed themselves time off to find new musical styles and to collect new ideas. They finally started recording demo tapes in 2002, after the songs had all been composed on the computer. This also was a new experience for the musicians. SETI should be a crazy mix of various styles, hard electronic parts combined with various guitar sounds. It should become a “collision of styles,” according to Psy Coma. “It should be like a hybrid, a bastard creation.” The Norwegians definitely succeeded in capturing that aspect of their music. Lyrical they occupy themselves with human existence, especially with the origins of humans and the search for truth. “We wanna prove that god is wrong,” the band claims. “That’s’ the aim.” There is much to discover. The symbiotic relationship between music and lyrics became something very special to The Kovenant, and SETI is a prime example of this. In addition, SETI is the entrance of guitar player Angel, who joined the band directly after the recording of Animatronic. Angel also became member of synth-pop gods Apoptgyma Berzerek and left his imprint also on SETI. As they did on Animatronic, The Kovenant worked in the studio with German female guest vocalist, Eileen, whose clear voice raises the songs in value and which evokes a second Rosewell. With SETI, The Kovenant created a very innovative, courageous and defining album that freshly underlines the high quality of this band. SETI was once more produced at Woodhouse Studios in Hagen, Germany with star producer Siggi Bemm, who once more did a great job. Since the electronic part on SETI was very important, they took brought in Erik (Zeromncer), who brought in his vast experience. SETI is an album that has to influence somebody, that unfolds its fascination quickly and that can make somebody addictive very fast. Enjoy the Cybertrash.

1 - Cybertrash
2 - Planet Of The Apes
3 - Star By Star
4 - Via Negativa
5 - Stillborn Universe
6 - Acid Theatre
7 - Perfect End
8 - Neon
9 - Keepers Of The Garden
10 - Phantomime
11 - Hollow Earth
12 - Industrial Twilight