Veröffentlicht am: 27.01.2003

LACRIMOSA is the most popular Gothic act from Germany/Switzerland! Each of their latest releases achieved high positions on the German charts; “Elodia” climbed on #12, while “Fassade” reached #20! LACRIMOSA has been together for more than ten years! When “Angst” was released in 1991, the growing Gothic/Electro scene had a new hero! LACRIMOSA got very popular with their following records, always developing their music. Their final breakthrough came in 1995 with “Inferno”, which was the heaviest record they have done. In the following years, Tilo Wolff started to work together with classical musicians, writing the new songs for whole orchestras mixed with the usual line-up like guitars, drums and bass. This is another reason that makes records like “Echos” so special and unique. Also outside of their home country, they became more popular with each album. The incredible combination of their melancholic lyrics and classical and symphonic music has never been done before. You have to feel and discover it on your own; there is so much emotion and power within their music, mostly composed and performed with huge orchestras. After the release of the single “Durch Nacht Und Flut”, there was a lot of room for discussion about the musical and lyrical direction Lacrimosa would follow with their new album, “Echos”. It’s sure to hold tons of surprised like the infernal orchestral overture “Kyrie”. It is certainly not the easiest way to open an album with an almost 13 minute symphonic composition, and surely not the best possible way to impress a widespread audience, but it is the only way to understand the tides of the following emotions. “Echos” is about building themes, one on top of the other. The album follows an emotional logic without being a conceptual album in the usual way. Just take a look at a song like “Ein Hauch Von Menschlichkeit” or “Apart” (performed by Anne Nurmi in a tenderness never heard before). There we can hear among others a melotron, presenting all these musical changes, which we expect from LACRIMOSA, but also which we would never expect to hear on the same album, on which the slow “Eine Nacht In Ewigkeit” surprises because of its emotional heaviness performed by a string quintet. “Sacrifice” has intensity, which is unable to be captured in words because of the extraordinary vocal performance, which again underlines the many sides of Tilo Wolff, who wrote and produced Echos by himself. In the final “Die Schreie Sind Verstummt”, a requiem for piano and three bass violins, “Echos” finds its musical as well as its emotional climax. At the same time it underlines in an impressive way the title of the album and falls back upon the insert of an old instrument, the gambe, which today has fallen almost into oblivion, but from now on its echo will sound a little louder in our ears than before. When a composer is following his heart, then the music will make you forget all of your daily problems. When you can dive into the musical dimension, in which temporal life can be translated into reality, you will find this in the realization of each echoes past and flows into this present work, which echo can be heard on the 27th of January 2003? Discover it!

1 - Kyrie
2 - Durch Nacht und Flut
3 - Sacrifice
4 - Apart
5 - Ein Hauch von Menschlichkeit
6 - Eine Nacht in Ewigkeit
7 - Malina
8 - Die Schreie sind verstummt