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Black Sun



Veröffentlicht am: 01.02.2002

The German Metal Commando are on a mission to the Black Sun, so come in and enjoy your trip to the dark planet! The first concept album in the history of Primal Fear tells the journey of the famous eagles, which are featured on every record cover, toward the Black Sun. Primal Fear are one of the most important and leading European heavy metal acts! Each of their former records charted high on the German Media Control; their last album, Nuclear Fire, reached position #37 in Germany, #71 in Italy, #77 in Switzerland and on #23 in Japan! The band sold out venues across Europe, and even countries like Brazil, Japan, Spain and Italy, Primal Fear hysteria broke out. The band made their way to the U.S. for the first time for two headlining festival appearances. With Black Sun, the German Metal Commando will definitely climb to an even higher level, presenting twelve new metal hymns made for eternity. When you talk about Primal Fear, you don’t talk about another run-of-the-mill band. You talk about the band of the German metal legends: Ralf Scheepers (ex-Gamma Ray, vocals) and Mat Sinner (Sinner, bass and vocals), drummer Klaus Sperling and one of the most exciting guitar combinations in the traditional metal scene, Stefan Leibing and former Thunderhead guitarist Henny Wolter. It seems like destiny that these musicians found each other and came together to perform excellent and unique modern power metal. On Black Sun, you can also see a huge progression within the classic Primal Fear sound, adding some progressive parts within the tracks. Tracks like the powerful opening and title track, „Black Sun“ are a double-bass dominated Speed Metal assault with straight and heavy riffing. Some of the more experimental tracks like „Revolution“, „Magic Eye” or the mystical „Mind Machine,” on which Ralf and Mat share the vocal parts, still have the classic Primal Fear feeling but on a higher level, as the band seems ready burst due to their immense power and musical quality. A video clip has been made for the track “Armageddon,” an outstanding Primal Fear song you have to love. Ralf Scheepers once more proves why he is among the best metal shouters in the world; each metal heart will be beating harder while listening to his emotional and dynamic way of singing on the 100% classic PF tracks like „Lightyears from home“, „ Mind Control“ or maybe the most brutal song the band has ever written „Fear“. After the band started their songwriting in October 2001, Black Sun was recorded between December 2001 and February 2002 at House of Music in Germany, as well as at Sonic Ranch in Texas, USA with the same team in control: producer Mat Sinner, engineer Achim Köhler and the mix by The Hollywood Blasers. 2002 will definitely become the year of the eagle! Primal Fear have recorded a killer album, and they are ready to take the world by storm and kick asses of mainstream audience across the planet!

1 - Countdown To Insanity
2 - Black Sun
3 - Armageddon
4 - Lightyears From Home
5 - Revolution
6 - Fear
7 - Mind Control
8 - Magic Eye
9 - Mind Machine
10 - Silence
11 - We Go Down
12 - Cold Day In Hell
13 - Controlled