SUSPERIA - Vindication

Veröffentlicht am: 06.05.2002

On May 6th, 2002 Susperia will release their second full-length album entitled Vindication. Again recorded in Abyss Studios, Sweden, Vindication serves as possibly the last piece of work Peter Tägtgren agreed to do before closing down his studio, maybe for good. Peter believed so strongly in the material for the new album that he decided to co-produce and assist totally free of charge! So the music was recorded in Abyss in November and December 2001 whilst Athera hooked up with vocal producer Bjørn Boge (Da Vinci) and recorded all the vocals in BBM studio in Oslo, Norway at the same time. Susperia are not black, not death, just pure energetic, aggressive METAL. Can you categorize them? Good luck….

1 - Cage Of Remembrance
2 - The Bitter Man
3 - Anguished Scream
4 - Petrified
5 - The Bounty Hunter
6 - Completion
7 - Warmaster
8 - Dead Man's World
9 - Cast Life Into Fire
10 - Bleed Yourself