SUSPERIA - Predominance

Veröffentlicht am: 26.03.2001

From Norway comes the newest addition to the metal scene. And when we say metal we mean METAL. This is not your typical Norwegian black metal. There has been a lot of rumours going around and the band has appeared mystical from the start. Susperia saw the light of day and the dark of night in September of 1999, when co-founder of the great band Dimmu Borgir named Tjodalv met Athera at the Wacken Festival that same year and started planning. Tjodalv left Dimmu Borgir in March 1999 to fully concentrate on Susperia as Cyrus and he had started to work together some months earlier. When Tjodalv met Athera the whole thing was up and running, as members Memnock and Elvorn joined in shortly after. The band was officially formed and recorded the "Illusions of Evil" demo late 1999 which was saluted all over the world as something totally original and interesting! This lead to the signing with Nuclear Blast who rarely sign first-time bands at this level! Now the result of hard work and devotion has resulted in the grand debut album "Predominance". Recorded in Abyss studio with the helping hands of Lars Szöke (Hypocrisy) and the supervision of Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain, Dimmu Borgir) this album has turned out as a hard hitting metal bomb with a pounding sound so powerful that it rages high above anything produced in Abyss studio the recent years. Susperia plays a mixture of black and thrash metal done in a very original way with the experimental and wide-varied vocals as a perfect frame to the concept.With long time experience as individual musicians and involved in much of what is respected in the metal scene today the line-up in Susperia is as follows: Tjodalv -Drums (Co-founder of Old Man`s Child and Dimmu Borgir and one of Norway`s most respected and wanted drummers) Cyrus -Guitars (Live guitarist for Satyricon on their last 3 world tours. 2 of them supporting Pantera. Session musician in Old Man`s Child on the"Ill Natured".... tour. Songwriter for the band Sensa Anima until recently) Athera -Vocals (Vocals in several Norwegian underground bands from early 90`s Was to be the new vocalist of the Mortem re-union in 1997) Memnock -Bass (Session bassist on the Old Man`s Child album Revelation 666. Session bassist in Borknagar partly in 2000) Elvorn -Guitars (Had an underground project called "Vidder" with Mustis of Dimmu Borgir many years ago The joined forces of these individuals is what will hit you in the face when Susperia revelates their opinion on what is metal music. And for your information; this is not a project, but a genuine band!

1 - I am pain
2 - Vainglory
3 - Illusions of evil
4 - Specimen
5 - Journey into black
6 - Of hate we breed
7 - Objects of desire
8 - The hellchild
9 - Blood on my hands
10 - The coming of a darker time