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Pleasure Paves Sewers


LOCK UP - Pleasure Paves Sewers

Veröffentlicht am: 22.11.1999

LOCKUP: The art of stiffening the arms during drumming for the execution of an elongated blast beat. (c. Nick Barker) There comes a time when you’ve simply had enough - enough of the pissy, smug faces; the convenient angst; the generic ‘dum-de-dum-de-chugga-chunka-chug’ guitar sounds that you could quite happily go out and machine-gun the entire population of a small town to...This irritating state of the current popular rock scene was a subject broached over many Birmingham-based Saturday nights on-the-town in late ’98 by Napalm Death men Shane Embury and Jesse Pintado, and then-Cradle Of Filth drummer Nick Barker. Fuelled by a sea of strong lager it also got them talking about the good old days, not of cheap fares on public transport - but of bands like Dark Angel, Death, Repulsion and Slayer at their bulldozing best. Very soon, it was decided that putting their frustrations to music was the only way forward. And so Lock Up was born.With a decidly low budget that barely scraped past double figures and a desire to bash an album out in double-quick time to preserve the rawness, Shane and Jesse set to work. A few sessions on a 10-watt practice amp and unpredictable four-track recorder later, and they were ready to go into the studio. What - no rehearsals? Not quite. Not even with the drummer? Absolutely not. Basically, Mr. Barker parked his butt on the drumstool, asked ‘what do I do to this one, then?’ and proceeded to blur through the entire album in one take. Job done and there was a small matter of recruiting a singer to contend with. Leafing through their little black book of growlers, they happened across Peter Tägtgren - Hypocrisy singer and workaholic extreme metal producer. With rabid enthusiamsm he agreed to do it, and so, fittingly, the rest of the band made the journey to deepest, darkest Northern Sweden to Peter’s Abyss Studio. In keeping with the spontaneity, the screams and growls went to tape instantaneously with all the subtelty and restraint of a wounded bull elephant. Nice. Had you blinked, you’d have probalbly missed the entire creative process of the resulting ‘Pleasures Pave Sewers’ album. But this doesn’t mean that it smacks of four impulsive loons who wouldn’t actually figure out quite what they were trying to do the morning after. Far from it. Capitalising on the longtime experience from their regular bands, ‘PPS’ is tight, raw-as-radiation-burn and above all, just plain brutal. From the mid-paced ‘Delerium’ to the untethered, eye-popping speedcore of ‘Afterlife In Purgatory’ this is an album the deprived Death Metal/Grindcore scene has been cry out for: zero keyboards, zero withering gothic vocals, zero fucking around!As for which particularly nasty lyrical subjects underpin the whole thing, ‘’it’S not to be taken too seriously’, says Shane. Yet ‘it’s very anti-cenorship, with an exra reminder of how our indulgences can be our own undoing...’ he adds ominously. ‘Pleasures Pave Sewers’: Dirty noise for dirty minds. Let your ears wallow in filth.

Tracklist Dauer
1 - After life in purgatory 2:08
2 - Submission 2:46
3 - Triple six suck angels 2:57
4 - Delirium 1:55
5 - Pretenders of the throne 1:44
6 - Slow bleed Gorgon 3:36
7 - Ego pawn 1:52
8 - The dreams are sacrificed 2:08
9 - Tragic faith 2:29
10 - Darkness of ignorance 2:23
11 - Salvation thru destruction 2:24
12 - Leech eclipse 0:56