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Hell Over Sofia - 20 Years Of Chaos And Confusion


HYPOCRISY - Hell Over Sofia - 20 Years Of Chaos And Confusion

Veröffentlicht am: 21.10.2011

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  • HYPOCRISY Hell Over Sofia - 20 years of chaos and confusion HYPOCRISY
    Hell Over Sofia - 20 years of chaos and confusion
    Blu-ray - 12,99 EUR

Finally - after historical and successful 20 years – legendary Swedish Death Metal act HYPOCRISY came up with their first Live DVD, in order to tell you the truth about the band. The DVD/2-CD package is called “Hell over Sofia - 20 Years of chaos and confusion”. And that is, what it is!

It will contain a full concert from the HYPOCRISY tour “Long Time, No Death” in 2010, recorded at the “Blue Box Club” in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was a show that had everything: the crowd was helping the band a lot at one of their best shows ever. It was recorded with several cameras. The DVD also contains a one-and-a-half-hour documentary that will show you the bands 20 years of chaos and confusion. This DVD will give you the full cover of Hypocrisy – after you’ve seen it, there is nothing more to add and ask.

The official birth of HYPOCRISY dates back to 1991, when the band got signed to Nuclear Blast and released their massive debut album “Penetralia”. “Osculum Obscenum” (1993) and “The Fourth Dimension” (1994) were the next milestones in crushing, extreme Death Metal and defined the band’s status as one of the most innovative and remarkable metal bands in Europe. Following the release of “Into The Abyss” (2000), HYPOCRISY put together a ‘best of’ album titled “10 Years Of Chaos And Confusion” (2001). The album featured a fan-elected track-list with all the hits of the last decade. 2002’s “Catch 22” defined a new dimension of sound for HYPOCRISY with progressive and rock influences and led HYPOCRISY into a modern era of more fashionable death metal.
With “The Arrival” (2004) the sound experiments came to an end – and saw HYPOCRISY return to their roots. In 2005, an actual “Virus” was spread by the Swedes; the album almost foresaw the direction they kept continuing with “A Taste Of Extreme Divinity”. Brutal as fuck with lots of groove and fast as hell!

- Hell Over Sofia (approx 94 min.)
(live at Bluebox, Sofia, Bulgaria – February 27th, 2010)

01. Valley Of The Damned
02. Hang Him High
03. Fractured Millenium
04. Adjusting The Sun
05. Eraser
06. Pleasure-Osculum-Penetralia "medley"
07. Apocalypse - 4th Dimension "medley"
08. Killing Art
09. A Coming Race
10. Let The Knife Do The Talking
11. Weed Out The Weak
12. Fire In The Sky
13. The Final Chapter
14. Warpath
15. Roswell 47

- 20 years of chaos and confusion (documentary) (approx 91 min.)

Disc 1
1 - Valley Of The Damned
2 - Hang Him High
3 - Fractured Millenium
4 - Adjusting The Sun
5 - Eraser
6 - Pleasure Of Molestation
7 - Osculum Obcenum
8 - Penetralia
9 - Apocalypse
10 - Fourth Dimension
11 - Killing Art
Disc 2
1 - A Coming Race
2 - Let The Knife Do The Talking
3 - Weed Out The Weak
4 - Fire In The Sky
5 - The Final Chapter
6 - Warpath
7 - Roswell 47

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