Final Breath war 2002 bei Nuclear Blast. In dieser Zeit haben sie folgendes Album herausgebracht:

• Mind Explosion (Info)

Final Breath was founded in 1993. First they began to play cover versions of popular metal acts. Later they tried creating their own songs.

In 1995 they released their first demo tape Soulchange. The band made experiences with first gigs and sundry demo-reviews. Material, which was written afterwards, was recorded on CD with improved sound quality in 1997.

Not only the German underground it has made a splash more than one time! The five songs of the MCD End Of It All electrified with a mixture of Death-Thrash and melodic Metal which tuned out very well.

As they had not found a suitable label until then, Final Breath decided to go to a studio again which they paid by themselves. In order to give a violent sound to the uncompromising thrash songs, Andy Classen was behind the tone control in the Stage-One-Studios. The result convinced Gutter Rec. to set up a licence contract and to publish the material. Tracks like Exposed To Hatred, Sociopathically Insane or Going Hellbound show that Thrash Metal is not dead yet! Mind Explosion is probably the matured and most varied album that tape. Thrash numbers such as The Punisher, White Prison or the titlesong Mind Explosion are just as represented as the grooving When Love Turnes To Hate or that much death metal sounded Nonedescript. In summary is ordered over 45 minutes timeless hard music, which was set again by Andy Classen printingful in scene.