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Atrocity war von 1989 bis 1990 bei Nuclear Blast. In dieser Zeit haben sie folgende Alben herausgebracht:

• Blue Blood (1989, Single, Info | Shop)
• Hallucinations (1990, Shop)

Originally called Instigator. Up to "Todessehnsucht", Atrocity played death metal, but with the album "Blut", they started to experiment with non-metal genres, going as far as to record "Werk 80", an album consisted of covers from 80s pop songs. In their latest album, "Atlantis", Atrocity went back to extreme metal, being compared to Dimmu Borgir's "Death Cult Armageddon". With that new change of style, these Germans are probably the first band that started out by playing extreme metal, wandered with non-metal styles for almost one decade, and came back to extreme metal. The entire Atrocity line-up (plus Alex Krull's wife Liv Kristine Espenes) also functions as Leaves' Eyes.