WORLD UNDER BLOOD haben ihren neuen Track “A God Among the Waste” auf ihre Facebook Seite hochgeladen. Klickt dazu HIER! Der Song stammt aus ihrem kommenden Debütalbum Tactical – welches am 29 . Juli veröffentlicht wird. Gitarrist, Sänger und Songwriter Deron Miller dazu: "’A God Among the Waste’, to me is an instant classic because it melts your face right at the start and then concludes with an opposing mellow ending. I'm told it has a great chorus and it's the first time I’ve recorded a guitar solo in 15 years. The first 8 or so seconds are the fastest the album ever gets and because of that, I made it the album opener so people are brutalized as soon as they press play. No bullshit intros or scary gothic synths; it just gets going faster than you can probably handle it.” WORLD UNDER BLOOD ist die melodic Tech/Death Band des CKY Gitarriste und Sängers Deron Miller. The full line-up is as follows: Deron Miller – guitar, vocals (CKY) Tim Yeung – drums (Divine Heresy, Morbid Angel, ex-HATE ETERNAL, ex-DECREPIT BIRTH) Risha Eryavac – bass (ex-Decrepit Birth) Luke Jaeger – guitar (Sleep Terror)